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Navigating the Global

No description

Ella Werman

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Navigating the Global

Navigating the Global
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
21st century phenomenon

- absence of knowledge, values and culture
- commodification of culture
Authentic portrayal of such precarious tensions

Inability to extract meaning
Allegorical embodiment of loss of appreciation for authentic cultural associations
Existential quest to decipher meaning amid artificial facade - maternal undertaking
JUXTAPOSITION of Tokyo and local outskirts
Blurring of global & local distinctions - corruption of cultural codes & signs
Feminist sensibility --> moment of enlightenment: state of inadequacy
"I didn't feel anything"
Billboard as an iconic signifier of Western materialism
'Stylised' portrayal -
sign exchange value
Branding construed as a salient feature of globalisation
Depthlessness - pastiche Japanese culture seeks to emulate Western practices
'death of the real' - replaced by a constructed & simulated reality
Loss of a meaningful sense of self within predominantly surface-orientated sphere - existentialism
Aligning of female protagonists with discernibly local attributes
Embodiment of an innate desire --> retreat to, and derive meaningful connections within pure & authentic local existence
Global sphere as a suppressive force which seeks to disempower the will of the individual from within
Misleading sense of disorientation - seemingly distorted reality
Starkly juxtaposing visuals --> typify complete loss of traditional cultural codes & signifies
- Billboard depicts a simulated reality --> facade
Impinging global influences: alcoholism, unemployment & domestic violence
Santory whiskey = emblem of universal power of global influence
. excessive exploitation of alcoholism (ruthless characterisation of Jake Heke)
Corrosive consequences --> deteriorating impact on familial life
Once Were Warriors
By: Ella Werman
The alienating prospects of the infiltration of media saturation

- Encroaching challenges of hyper consumerism and an inherent desire for newness and novelty
Superficial ignorance
Billboard device --> iconic signifier of Western cultural landscape
Inherent depthlessness and artifice --> associated with a homogenous global culture
- a loss of history as an apparent challenge
Inherent global superficiality - Jake Vs. Beth
"Our people once were warriors... They were people with munna, pride, people with spirit"
- paradigm shift
Corruptive global forces --> devalue & fragments cultural identity
Once Were Warriors
Only when the family's eldest daughter Grace commits suicide does the family seek to retreat to the restorative surroundings of their cultural past
mis en scene
Native New Zealand landscape
Maori setting privileges nurturing qualities of local culture - CONTRAST
Commemorate the life of an individual who tragically perished as a drastic consequence of the perpetual pressures of a destructive global culture
Navigate through visual codes, signs & signifies of global world
Innumerable challenges encountered - parallel fragmentary capabilities of global
Distinctive cultural clashes
Apparent incapacity for harmonious coexistence
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