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Water Pollution By:JT and Rithvik

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Shannon Cross

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Water Pollution By:JT and Rithvik

Water Pollution By:JT and Rithvik
How does it effect the U.S.A and World?
Water pollution effects the U.S.A and world. Pollution releases gases such as Methane and hydrogen sulfide into rivers,oceans,lakes, and other water areas by people not recycling paper, cans, and plastics.When animals eat this,they will choke and die.
What can we do to help this issue?
Water pollution is the release of substances from subsurface ground water into lakes,streams,rivers,estauries,and oceans,to the point where the substances interfere with beneficial use of water or with natural functioning of ecosystems.
Quick facts
Water pollution can cause many water animals to die because they eat garbage and get killed.
Domestic sewage is a great source of plant nutrients.
All sewage from city's and towns carry pathogens {Tapeworms}.
Sources of toxic chemicals include improperly disposed waste water from industrial plants.
Quiz Time
1:What is water pollution?
2:What can we do to help this issue?
What's the problem?

WWW.Encyclopaedia Britannica
Brain pop
Groiler Go!
Britannica Online

People all over the world should stop throwing trash into streams,oceans,lakes,and resevoirs.This will produce less dirty water.For example: People could start recycling.Plus, if we keep putting trash in the water, humans will have no clean water to drink.
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