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A polish christmas

No description

Brandon Kaminski

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of A polish christmas

Christmas In Poland By: Brandon Kaminski Christmas Around the world project Christmas is important to the Polish people. They are mostly Roman Catholics and celebrate the birth of their Savior, Jesus Christ.
They start to celebrate on Christmas Eve and the Christmas season ends on February 2nd which is known as Candlemas Day.
On Candlemas Day, people bring candles to church and have them blessed for use in their homes. The Christmas Holiday Season Christmas Eve Traditionally the most loved part of the Polish people’s holiday is Christmas Eve. The Wigilia, or Christmas Eve Dinner is served and celebrated among family members.
It’s a time for families to gather and set aside any differences, and to remember loved ones who have died.
Waiting for the birth of Baby Jesus, is considered by some as more important than Christmas Day itself.
The Christmas tree is decorated on Christmas Eve.
Christmas Day The Poles spend Christmas day visiting family and friends and they have a feast. The children go caroling from house to house carrying the szopka which is a miniature puppet theater. They use this to tell the story of the birth of Jesus. Christmas Decorations Christmas trees have been used for decorations for hundreds of years.
There are many different ornaments. The ornaments can be made out of blown glass, paper, crystal, homemade ornaments, garlands and even foods like apples or walnuts.
They also use Christmas lights. Decorations The Polish people build Nativity Scenes called SZOPKA (Shop Ka).
These Nativity Scenes come in many shapes and sizes. Some are very large and ornate.
Christmas Eve Food Many different types of meals are eaten but the traditional Wigilia or Christmas Eve dinner, is meatless.
A traditional menu has mushroom soup, boiled potatoes, pickled herring , fried fish, pierogi, beans and sauerkraut, a dried fruit compote, babka bread, platek, assorted pastries, nuts and candies. Christmas Eve Dinner Table Christmas Day Food Many Polish people eat similar food on Christmas Day.
Traditionally there is a ham, kielbasa (which is polish sausage), roasted duck or goose and hunter’s stew which is called bigos.
Christmas Day Dinner Table Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia!
That is how to say "Merry Christmas" in Polish.

Christmas Eve On Christmas Eve, the children look for the first star to shine. After they see one the candles on the table are lit and the dinner is begun.
At the beginning of the meal the oldest family member breaks a special bread called oplatki and shares it with all the guests.
After the meal, families sing Koledy, which are Christmas carols then they all open presents.
Many families go to Midnight Mass which is known as Pasterka or Shepherds Mass because the Shepherds were the first to greet the Baby Jesus.

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