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Hitler and Degenerate Art and Music

No description

Danielle Balliet

on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of Hitler and Degenerate Art and Music

Degenerate Art
Hitler and WWII
Beethoven: Hitler's favorite composer

Strength is in the morality of the man who stands out from the rest.
Station #1
Third Reich Music
Ride of the Valkyrie

Does this sound familiar to you?
Richard Wagner
Station #2
Degenerate Music
A list of al Jewish and degenerate musicians

- American Jazz was the inspiration, the roaring 20's was great in Germany as well.
Called Reichsmusikkammer
Degenerate Musicians
Weintraub Syncopators
What made music good
the Third Reich?
Strong Classical Pieces
Not being Jewish
Very formulated Sound
What made music
Anything to do with Jewish
or black people.
An unusual beat
Modern Style
Hitler's Art and Background
Born in Austria
Wanted to be an artist
Dad said no sent him to tech school
Academy of Fine Arts
Failed his first year
Eventually ended up in Vienna
Applied to art school
Jewish men were admitted
Lived in a men's house
Created postcards to earn money
His hatred grew of middle
and upper class, Jews
Semi good at landscape and architecture

Terrible at people

The main reason he was rejected
His art work
Station #4 Aryan Art
Art was the best way to purify a culture
The True Art
Linked country life with health and the master race.
It was peaceful
It portrayed a country trying to survive
Volk- Folk Art- scenes of German country side.
Aspects of Ayran Art
Third Reich Approved Art
Josef Thorak
- Offical sculpter for the Third Reich
Hitler's favorite
Von Stuck
Werner Peiner
Heinrich Berran
Rudolf Von Alt compared to Hitler
Expressionism- born in Germany
Station #5 Degenerate Art
They showed the world as they saw it
Suffering of man kind
Artisits after WWI
Otto Dix
Erich Hechel
Max Ernest
Emil Nolde
These artists could not see color correctly
They were inferior and not worthy to look at
Destroyed thousands of pieces of art
Hitler's Views
This exhibit showed Third Reich Art
Also a special Degenerate Art
Created: Entartete Kunst
It was used to show how inferior it was
Hung without frames, bunched together, graffiti
Showed why it and people were degenerate
The Degenerate Part
Justified his abuse of people
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