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Christian Dior

No description

Meagan Pariseau

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Christian Dior

By: Christian Dior

Who is the Author?/What was their role
in fashion?
How did they influence fashion? Not just in terms of style but the industry itself
What prompted the author to write a memoir?
Wanted his true story to be told
Wanted people to know his true feelings and emotions throughout the process
People had preconceptions of Dior and he wanted them to know the truth
Do you think the auhtor is always truthful? Are his memories accurate? Are the stories reliable?
What happened to the designer after the autobiography ends?
What does the book cover? What does it tell us about the context in which fashion is conceived and produced?
What does the book reveal about the author's personality?
When did the author decide to pursue a career in fashion and why?
What made them famous?
Was the author associated with important taste-makers? If so, what was their relationship?
What has the author left out of his story?
What does analyzing the book tell us about the period of fashion history?
Is this an important document for the study of 20th century fashion and why?
Author: Christian Dior
Couturier for Lucien Lelong
Revived fashion from better/happier times to rejuvenate people after the war
Decided to become his own couturier after WWII because "hats were far too large, skirts far too short, jackets far too long, and shoes far too heavy"
first showed collection "The New Look" in the Spring of 1947
romanticized version of past fashions from before the war
Led to him being in Life Magazine
"The New Look" was a trend that was accepted around the world
He adores his work and his his staff and models
Yes- It gives an insider view of the fashion industry in the 40s and 50s
It gives details about the designer's role in the industry, as well as how he interacts with his staff and model
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