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Systems Integration At UPS Corp

No description

Becca Kopcie

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Systems Integration At UPS Corp

Systems Integration At UPS Corp
High Initial Setup Costs
Discussion Questions
1. What are some of the system integration challenges faced by UPS?
A Look At The Industry
Increased Revenue + Growth
Systems Integration
Presented by:
Bec Kopcie & Matt Lombardo
2. Discuss the systems integration solutions at UPS. How does it help UPS integrate new technologies?
3. Discuss the advantages of systems integration for UPS customers.
Thank you!

Q + A

FedEx advanced in technology
Logistics and delivery services
Competitive advantage
Exceeded and successful
Training and communication
Leveling The Competitive Environment
Enhanced Information Visibility
Increased Standardization
Power and Interdepartmental Conflicts
Long-Term and Intangible ROIs
Creativity Limitations
Motiwalla & Thompson. 2012.
Enterprise Systems For Management: Second Edition. Pearson. Print.
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