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Socratic Seminar!

A conversation amongst students about meaningful ideas pertaining to academic subject matter.

Frank Williams

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Socratic Seminar!

What is Socratic seminar?
a conversation in which participants share thinking in order to gain deeper understanding of complex ideas
a conversation about...
a method
a specific text
Socratic Seminar is
a debate
an argument
a forum to prove how smart you are
refer to the text for support when needed
only participate if you are prepared
Ask questions!
inner circle: Talk, listen, and Stick to the point currently under discussion
OUTER SPHERE: observe and make notes about ideas you want to revisit
don't stay confused...
a seminar should not be a "bull session";
requires logic (logos) that will validate thinking
it's always a good idea to establish credibility (ethos)
You are responsible for the seminar
Take turns speaking
you should not have to raise your hands, but if the need arises, you may do so.
Listen carefully to all that is being said
and write down the ideas that are expressed.
Follow proper speaking/listening techniques
make eye contact with everyone
sit up in your chair; show interest
speak to the group, not the teacher
listen to others and build on ideas
project your voice to be heard
Avoid hostile exchanges
Question each other in a civil manner. Discuss ideas rather than each other's opinions.
Personal feelings (pathos) are important, but so is being open-minded.
even if you don't know it or admit it.
WARM-UP! On the PAPER provided, respond to the following question in a couple of sentences.
a universal Truth
an idea
about right or wrong
a fight
"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." -SOCRATES
What questions are worth discussing in Socratic Seminar?
Create that you think will generate good conversation about the text and help you or others understand it better.
Apply Socratic Seminar method to discussion of essential questions.
What have we discovered about
the themes in the text so far?

What is Shakespeare saying about the
topics we are exploring in the text?

Is there textual evidence
to support your opinion?

5 questions
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