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Marco polo's

No description

Hana Fatima

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Marco polo's

Marco polo's

Travels to China.
Marco polo always wanted to go to china so,
when Marco Polo was seventeen he traveled with his father, Niccolo Polo and Uncle, Maffeo Polo to the holy land of china where the empire was. They crossed over to the Mediterranean sea. They Headed south and east. Along the way he visited many places like, Persia and the Gogi dessert. Intelligent Marco Polo soon learned the language Mongolian and also became familiar with the Chinese customs. It took Marco three years to get to china.
His work for Kublai Khan.
Marco has been traveling for 24 years doing missions in different places for kublai khan.
When they decided to return home Kublai begged that they take a Mongol princess to Persia, where she could merry a prince. During the journey back home in the indian ocean 600 travelers and members of the group died. By the time they reached Hormuz in Persia the prince to was dead. After 24 years of traveling people did not recognize them when they were at Venice and the Polo's struggled to speak Italian. Marco Polo was most known for his travels to China Persia and his work for Kublai Khan.
So that is how we know about Marco Polo and his life!
Thank you for listening!
Early Life
Marco polo was born on September, 15 1254, in Venice Italy. Marco's mother's name was Nicole Anna Defuseh, and his fathers name was Niccolo Polo. Marco polo's mom died on 1260 when he was young so his aunt and uncle raised him, because his dad, Niccolo Polo was still on a trading mission. When Marco polo was young he wanted to explore Asia for more spices and gold.
Marco Polo worked for Kublai khan for 17 years. Kublai khan be believed in Marco more than trustworthy. When Marco Polo returned Kublai was impressed with his report because it was detailed. Kublai named Marco regional ambassador that represented Kublai's lands and that he should show the reports in all the lands he goes to.
Kublai Khan
Returning Home
How do we know about Marco
After three years of returning to Venice Marco commanded a venetian ship in a war against Venice and Genoa but he was caught and he was taken to prison. There he met a romance writer named Rustichello. Marco shared all his adventures and discoveries to Rustichello and there they both wrote the first book on Marco's travels the book was called "The Travels of Marco Polo." This book has been translated into many languages mostly english.
Marco polo's travels
When Marco Polo was traveling he crossed the Mediterranean sea through the Persian gulf were he went north and east to Mangolia and he kept going the same direction and he reached China, he stopped there for 17 years doing missions. On the way back he went past the Indian Ocean back to the Persian Gulf and soon reached Italy.
Interesting Facts

- Marco polo died on January 1342 in Venice Italy.
- He worked 17 years for Kublai Khan.
- Marco went to China to meet with the Empire.
- He stopped working for Kublai on 1769.
-Marco Polo's Children are Bellela Polo Fanita Polo Moretta Polo.
- Marco polo's wife is Donata Badoer.
- Marco polo was well educated and was a fast learner.
- He did not invent anything but he discovered many things in China such as silk, medicine, jade and glass.
1. How many years did Marco Polo travel for?
2. Why did Marco Polo go to China?
3. How long did it take for Marco Polo to reach China?
3 years or 2 years
4. How long did Marco polo work for Kublai Khan?
5. What was the first book Marco Polo wrote?
6. Which of Marco Polo's travels are most known for?
7. Where and when was Marco Polo Born?
England on 1343 or Italy on 1254
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