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MPC Internship

No description

Tony Bode

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of MPC Internship

MPC Internship
Introduction to My Role
Global Procurement Intern
Refining Contracts and Administration
Manager: Bart Ferguson
Mentor: Rob Sensel
Also assisted Category Management
Kurt Ellis, Kirk Gominger, Jason Beckett
Refining Maintenance Spend Analysis (Major Project I)
Massive Amount of Spend Data from 2012 & 2013
Summarize and Consolidate Data
Develop Simple, Easy-to-Understand Way of Viewing Data
Highlight Trends or Oddities
Intern/Co-Op Advisory Board - Social Director
Took Initiative While SAP Was Implemented
Selected from a Pool of 20+ Interns
Worked to Plan Casual Weekly Events and Large Group Events for 60+ Findlay Interns
ICAB Events
Tony Bode
About Me
Personal Background
Previous Experience
MBM (2 Months)
Operations Efficiency Team - Warehouse to Store Freshness/Stock-out Analysis

Unilever USA (9 Months)
Data Analyst - BJ's Wholesale
Ensure Procurement, Transportation, and Customer Alignment
Project Homerun (Dist. Center Optimization Project)
Increased Case-fill from 75% to 96%
Increased On-time from 70% to 93%
Picture Citations
Cincinnati: http://www.insidethehuddle.tv/sites/default/files/Cincinnati%20Skyline.jpg
Ohio State Field: http://buckeyeempire.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/ohio-stadium-night.jpeg
Unilever Logo: http://www.ucd.ie/lipgene/images/logos/consortium/unilever.jpg
MBM Foodservice Logo: http://www.mbmfoodservice.com/images/mbm/mbmlogo.jpeg
Toyota: http://www.cincinnatiusa.org/uploadedImages/Econ/Carousel_Items/Case_Studies/Case_Study_Content_Page/CaseStudies_Toyota.jpg
Detroit Refinery 1: http://www.mpcconnect.com/_layouts/Framework.ShowImage.aspx?imageurl=/en-us/Picture%20Of%20The%20Day/5855ZA_3996_800W.jpg&w=860
Detroit Refinery 2: http://www.mpcconnect.com/_layouts/Framework.ShowImage.aspx?imageurl=/en-us/Picture%20Of%20The%20Day/5825ZA_6420_PROCESSED_800W.jpg&w=860
Crane Picture: http://www.maximcrane.com/equipment/
Forklift: http://toolmonger.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/SkyTrak6042.jpg
Aquilex-Hydrochem Logo:http://www.miningconnection.com/coal_prep/news/article/aquilex_hydrochem_leads_the_field_of_hydroblasting_automation_and_launches_/
Turner Industries Logo: http://www.deerpark.org/virDirEditorAssets/DeerParkTX/chamberAccess/images/turner_logo_green.jpg
Industrial Beaings: http://www.auto-bearings.cn/up_files/industrial-bearings/bearings_10760905.jpg
Global Procurement Spring 2014
Business Impact
Major Projects
Future Plans
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing Summer Internship
Return to OSU
Graduate May 2015
Extra Development, Initiative
Bearings Distributors Bid (Major Project II)
Motion Industries vs Applied Industrial Tech
Identify Top 50 Spend Items w/ Motion (Pareto's Rule)
Request Quote from Applied
Identify Cost Savings Opportunities
Other Projects
Intern Personal Info is Confidential
Roommate Search is Confusing/Intimidating
Facebook Group is Good, Could Be Better
"Release of Information Permission" E-mails
Information Release Authorization
Intern Team Project
Keep Doing What You're Doing
Possible Coordination Between FOC & Refineries
Encourages Communication & Knowledge Transfer
Promotes Good Work Ethic and Leadership
Solid Mentor/Team Connection
Clear, Specific Goals
Hometown : Cincinnati, OH
Junior at The Ohio State University
Majoring in Operations and Logistics
Part of Business Scholar's Program
PEC Invoices
What Are PEC Invoices?
3rd Party - Contractor Safety Prequalifications
Marathon is Charged for Each Contractor

Allocate Charges to Correct Department
Forward Invoice on to Accounting
High Level Spend Analysis - Results
Able to Take Data On-site
Provide an Avenue of Communication Between Maintenance and GP
Enables On-site GP Teams to Make Informed Decisions
Can Lead to Greater Efficiency, Cost Savings
New Contract Setup
South Houston Green Power & Blanchard Refining
SAP Validation
Rewriting/Formatting New Contracts
Verifying Company Contacts
ICAB - Continuous Improvement
Job Shadowing / Learning About Marathon
Bearings Distributors - Results
Business Impact
Equipment Rate Standardization - Assurance
What Is Equipment Rate Standardization?
Continuing to Update Data Repository
Adding to the Work of Previous Interns
Market Source of Intel / Knowledge Transfer
Ongoing Project
Improve Onboarding for Category Managers
Improve Category Management Through Shared Best Practice
Market Sources of Intelligence
Knowledge Transfer
Gives Buyers Options
Keeps Current Distributor in Check
Keeps Current Distributor Competitive
Lunch and Learns
Job Shadowing
Refinery Trips
Leadership Engagement
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