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Applied Research Technology Inc .

No description

lizzy boyle

on 5 December 2016

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Transcript of Applied Research Technology Inc .

What is ART?
He knew his development team was absolutely convinced it could succeed, but he also realized that the unit’s existence and even his own career were being openly questioned.
ART Company: Policies & Prospects
Applied Research Technologies Inc (ART)
As of 2006, merged and acquired 60 businesses.
Made up of 4 divisions:
Healthcare, Energy, Industrial Automation and HVAC
Total annual revenue is 11 billion
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Vyas Appointed Manger, Jackson to VP
Applied Research Technology Inc .
Challenges Faced
Peter Vyas is promoted to be the manager of the Water Filtration Unit
Confronted low moral & growing turnover rate
Vyas knew he had to rebuild his team
Filtration Unit has failed twice in attempting to launch its products
“We aim to change the world through innovation, and to
grow our place in it through entrepreneurship”
Culture & Practices
“Worthy Attempts”
Objectives & Priorities
“10/15/20 Target”
“Fast Track Pipeline”

Structure of ART
The Proposal
Applied Research Technologies received a request for $2 million to re-launch a mini water-oxidation product
Challenges Faced (Continued)
Evaluating and Assessing Leadership
Evaluating and Assessing Leadership
Peter Vyas
In 2001,
Peter Vyas
was appointed business manager of the Filtration unit. Peter is responsible for approving the projects produced by his team, which will later be sent to Jackson for final Approval.

In 2006,
Cynthia Jackson
is appointed to vice president of ART's Water Management Division.
These failures hurt the companies credibility
If Vyas supported proposal he's again putting the unit's credibility at stake, along with his own
The filtration unit was a successful part of the energy division before the Chinese manufacturers dominated the market
To catch up, ART developed new products, but had 2 failures
By 2006, the company was losing
$6 million
a year
New vice president was appointed:
Cynthia Jackson
She needed to approve of this project
New leadership could be problematic
Peter Vyas as a manager
leadership skills:
determination & motivation= boost in morale
ability to form a solid group of trusted individuals
appointed tasks accordingly
ART culture
encourages employees to think outside the box ("tinker-time")
Capitalize on his established leadership strengths

Replication of ART's Culture (innovation)
Encouraging innovation by allowing his team to concentrate on specific tasks
Increasing morale
Cynthia recognized him to be skilled at recruiting and managing talent and proves to be an “outstanding advocate for the group’s ideas.”

Respond to Team Needs
Create an environment allowing the team to focus on the given task
Support team members' enthusiasm and ideas
Peter Vyas
Cynthia Jackson
Cynthia Jackson
She properly disciplines her employees
Under Ruben's Competency Scorecard she proves to be competent in Analytics
Specifically Systems and Organizational Analysis & Problem-Definition
She's not afraid to challenge her team in order to get the work done
Has the ability to focus on the big picture and long-term goals
Can effectively identify underlying issues and outlines the tasks that need to be carried out in order to fix this problem
Overall, Jackson is a leader who is tough, yet is able to see results because she pushes her employees to reach their goals.

It is important that she follows ART’s aggressive performance objectives, which are set generally high.
Needs to ensure that performance is always at peak.
She should still thank and recognize her team whenever they do something impressive to foster company culture.
Needs to improve communications across varying global offices.
Should approve the request and go forth with the project

Recommendations :
The Team
Identify the Strengths and Weaknesses of the team
Strengths Highly Motivated, Driven, Passionate
Weaknesses Not task driven, Often fail to complete tasks by the deadline.
Harness the passion and motivation they already possess and focus on creating small timely objectives for themselves
Be proactive in recognizing the mission of ART
Act adaptively to the demands of collaborative development and task accomplishment, including building and maintaining good morale within the team

Elizabeth Eyre "Rebuilding Morale"
links high morale levels to higher rates of productivity and staff engagement
Vyas on the filtration unit's process
demonstrated ability to adapt to obstacles
responding to 2 unsuccessful attempts
Watkins "a stable destination may never be achieved"
Peter Vyas must convince Cynthia Jackson to approve his proposal
"..it’s important to give people accurate, timely information, especially if sales are down, or if the company is restructuring and downsizing."

Establish clear lines of communication
Be receptive to management goals
Thank you.
System/Organizational Analysis

Jackson's three step process exposed flaw in leadership
Jumps to conclusions with team with insufficient data
Need to create a system to continuously look for holes in the plan
Look at data more and the effects of what is found to make decisions
supports innovation with funding
Third launch, Wagner as team leader
“We understand that when you go for the big leap, you won’t always clear the bar. So there is no shame in failure when you are stretching for big objectives. Around here we routinely celebrate what we call “worthy attempts”—even when they are unsuccessful.”
-CEO, David Hall
Final Recommendations
Both Jackson and Vyas should approve the request
Vyas has a high risk with or without approval
Jackson smaller stake

Jackson's leadership
Lack of encouragement
Vyas's leadership
Lack of analysis
Team's organization
Lack of communication
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