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How to order in the restaurant.

Instructions so the students can learn how to order food.

teacher andre donato

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of How to order in the restaurant.

How to order...
....in the restaurant?
What do you ask?
Some food?
Anything to drink?
1st step:
Call a waiter...
2nd step:
...or a waitress.
Ask for the menu...
What do you want to order?
3rd step:
I want...
.. a cheeseburger
... some French Fries.
..a pizza.
...a light
And anything to drink?
I want....
... some juice
...a glass
of water.

... a beer.
...a glass
of wine.
... a soda.
4th step:
Asking for dessert:
What do you want for dessert?
I want...
... a piece
of cake.
... a piece of
strawberry pie
... a piece of
lemon pie
... some ice cream.
... a small coffee.
... a cup of tea.
5th step:
Asking for the bill.
Excuse me. Can I have the
bill, please?
How much is it?
Of course, it's 46 dollars and 75cents
And don't forget to tip
the waiter or waitress

Thank you.
We look forward to have you back!

US$ 12,00
US$ 3,00
US$ 13,00
US$ 10,00
US$ 7,00
US$ 8,00
Any drink for:
US$ 5,50
US$ 1,50
US$ 3,00
US$ 2,50
US$ 120,00
the bottle
US$ 3,00
US$ 2,00 a slice
US$ 2,50
US$ 2,50 a piece
US$ 2,50 a piece
US$ 1,00
US$ 1,80
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