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PIU Project - 7 March 2013

Phnom Penh

UNODC Cambodia

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of PIU Project - 7 March 2013

Port Intelligence Unit
Martin Reeve
Regional Advisor on Anti-Human Trafficking
The Objectives
The way forward...
If not now, when?
Rohingyas, 2012
MV Sun Sea, August 2010
MV Ocean Lady, October 2009
Christmas Island, December 2010
Smuggling of migrants by sea...
The implementation
The Achievements
- To disrupt migrant smuggling operations in South East-Asia

+ Indonesia + Thailand)
- To dismantle the criminal networks
- To arrest and

prosecute the key perpetrators
- To reduce the risks of only displacing smuggling routes
1. Building infrastructure
Identification of location and geographical coverage
Identification of premises
Identification of the officers to be incorporated in the Unit
Equipping the Unit
2.Officers training and tactical advice
Operational intelligence analysis & Profiling
Investigation of migrant smuggling & Informant handling
Human Rights & Basic human trafficking awareness
Use of equipment & Technical support to investigations through tactical support
3. Coordination and cooperation
Manual of Operation
Coordination with other PIUs
National law enforcement Steering Committee
- Migrant smuggling poses a threat to national security
- Migrant smuggling undermines rule of law
- Migrant smuggling poses a threat to the safety of the migrants
The approach
Intelligence-led investigation
reaching the organizers
behind the scenes
Development and sharing of
criminal intelligence and
targeted operational activity
Coordinated regional approach
and increased law enforcement cooperation
Training of the PIU officers
Renovation of the PIU premises in Sihanoukville
Draft of Manual of Operations
Equipping the PIU premises
CMIS training,
Senior officer training,
Operational analysis training,
Strategic analysis training,
Investigative techniques training,
IT skills training
Endorsement of the Letter of Agreement
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