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Ekol Logistic

Micro & Macro Environment and Swot Analysis

Fb x

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Ekol Logistic

Logistic Prepared by Fevzi BİTİKTAS 2013 Ekol is providing logistics services for almost 23 years within Turkish Market 1990 About Founded By Ahmet MUSUL

Ekol Logistics was established with the objective to become a leading brand in Europe. 1993 Operated as a forwarder providing international road transportation services. 1994 The service network was extended to provide also air, and sea transportation as well as customs clearance services. 1996 The first overseas branch was opened in Germany. © Time Line designed by Fevzi BİTİKTAŞ 2003 Southern Marmara, Aegean, Southern, and Central Anatolia regional organizations were created.

"quadro ERP" system developed by Ekol's IT team was launched. 2004 Investment in fleet and the acquisition of the firm TransFrigo.

ISO 9001:2000 certification was received. 2006 Use of "SAP R/3" for corporate processes began. Through the establishment of Ekol Academy, the first step towards a corporate university is taken. Named as a
"SAP Global Success Story". 2012 Established the one and only R&D department in the Turkish Logistics Market.

Made investment for being among the top in Europe and established 4 new branches (France, Bosnia, Greece and Ukraine). Vision
Mission Source: http://www.ekol.com/Assets/Images/ekol-vizyon-misyon.jpg Participative and Horizontal Style of Management The participative and horizontal style of management, one of the leading factors imbuing Ekol with its inherent dynamism, is clearly evident in all processes of its operations. Board of Directors Executive Management Facts and Figures 400.000 m2 storage area over 2000 vehicle over 4000 employees 28 world wide facilities 222.000.000€ turnover (2011) european eco performance award 2012 winner designed by Fevzi BİTİKTAŞ Macro & Micro Environment The fastest growing
logistics company in Europe. Their Services; Road The Greatest and The Most Modern
Vehicle Fleet of Turkey Air Freight by Ekol Air Sea Transportation Smart intercontinental Logistics Solutions from Ekol FCL/LCL Integrated Solutions in Sea Freight Rail Environment friendly
Low transit duration
No waiting in custom ports Intermodal Intermodal Experiance Domestic Distribution Ekol Offers Regular Daily Distribution
Services to All Regions of Turkey. Warehousing Ekol Helps to Achieve Lower Product Cost Through
Succesful Warehouse Management Applications. Rivals Sector- Specific Solution From Ekol Automotive After sales support and Spare part sales FMCG Logistic solutions for fast moving consumer goods industry Food Via supply chain management Ekol
provides services dedicated to food industry. Healthcare Ekol develops effcetive and creative solutions
for various chains of the healthcare industry,
such as pharmaceutical producers and importes, medical products firms, and hospitals. Construction Textile Retail SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats İNCİ
HOROZ Customers Transsan Tasımacılık,
FEY SPED Uluslararası Tasımacılık,
Lider Dündar İnsaat Nakliye,
Özçelik Transport ithalat ihracat,
Gürcan Trans Uluslararası Nakliyat,
Integral Lojistik,
Nalçacılar Nakliyat ile SES Lojistik

Tadım, Trox, Zorlu Grup
Morhipo, Monoprix, Tchibo
Evonik and BASF
Intersport, Herry, Boyner, Gap, Nike,
Adidas, Mark&Spences Suppliers New and powerful fleet
Customer Portfolio
Corporate Identity
IT Investment
Experiance textile transport
Storage and process management Large-scale transport
Distribution center capacity
Sea and Air Transport inexperience Turkey is a developing market
Position is a bridge between Asia and Europe
Manufacturing industry shifting from Europe to Turkey.
Increasing Worldwide Trading Volume
Young Population Domestic market and increased competition from foreign companies entries
Increase of China's textile exports to EuropeManage the growth
Managing the growth
Instability in oil prices Thank You ! Prepared by

Fevzi BİTİKTAS Tutorial

Prof.Dr.A.Güldem CERİT International Maritime Business Environment Dokuz Eylül University
Graduate School of Social Sciences 2013 Content

Internal Environment
Micro External Environment
Macro External Environment
SWOT Analysis of Ekol INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT Business Structure Green Logistics Ekol is aware that protecting the nature and the
environment is among its most fundamental and vital duties.

Ekol strives to organize its processes with environmental awareness, to develop awareness in its employees, and to support civil society organizations working to protect wild life with a belief that companies need to play their roles well in the way to leave a better world to future generations. Natural Environment Human Resources Ekol invests not only in technologies, but also in human resources.

Work Hours;
The work week is 45 hours long. The work hours are not uniform
Annual Leaves:
1 year to 5 years of employment: 14 days per year
6 years to 14 years of employment: 20 days per year
15 years or more: 26 days per year Social Benefits "Education Subsidy" is paid each September to Ekol employees for their children at elementary school stage.
Each year, Ramadan Gift Packages are distributed to all Ekol employees.
The employees who marry or have a child are also given a little present by Ekol.
Each year in June, the "Ekol Family Picnics" attended by all Ekol employees are organized.
Twice per year, "Bowling Tournament" for employees are held. Technology using: SAP
Booking Micro External Macro External Economic Environment Tariff Rates
International Trade
Exchange Rates
World Trade Volume
CEP service demand
East-West Transportation
Energy shortage
Inflationary factors in the economy that contribute to increased operating costs Political Legal Environment
Types of duty
Auto ancillary industry
World Trade Organization
Community attitudes and government policies on safety and security Technologic Environment The increasing use of IT across the industry, vehicle tracking systems, and the use of GPS
Increased use of e-learning
Growth in e-commerce
increasing use of high-technology track construction, monitoring and maintenance techniques Social & Cultural Environment The need for a closer relationship between industry and defence in the development of competency standards and qualifications, training arrangements and mutual recognition
increase school-based traineeships and to attract younger people into the industry.
significant under-representation of women in the industry
Increasing consumer demands for goods and services to be provided just-in-time and with exceptional service. Natural Environment
focus on energy savings, use of alternative energy and production of environment-friendly energy.
focus on avoiding waste, recycling and re-using materials, and appropriate disposal.
Long-haul transports produce 30 to 40 more CO2 by plane than by ship, short-haul transports generate 5 to 6 times more CO2 by truck than by train. Re arrenged 9-10-2013

Interview with
İzmir Region (Sea)
İbrahim PINAR
216-564 3934
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