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Culture of the Roaring 20s

No description

Cheyenne Belter

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Culture of the Roaring 20s

Culture of the Roaring 20's
In this decade, America was the wealthiest country in the world
New technology and new inventions = thriving businesses and vibrant consumer culture
It shows the newer generation being able to climb up on the economic ladder
The Great Gatsby
, Jay Gatsby is able to make thousands by bootlegging
traveling by train for decades
Southern Railway operated 100 daily trains.
>1,500 towns/cities had railway stations.
The ticket cost depended on the quality of the train.
train travel was the safest/most comfortable
carried: people, manufactured goods, food, daily mail, & express packages
long-distance travel
WOmen's Clothing
Flapper era
Short Dresses often sleeveless
Ankle-strap heels
Brimmed hats or feathered headbands
Undergarments had color and and patterns
More makeup and jewelry
"It was strange to reach the marble steps and find no stir of bright in and out the door, and hear no sound but bird voices in the trees." pg. 90
1920 to 1933.
help create simpler times
had an opposite effect
more desirable, more fashionable
Al Capone- $60 million annually
St. Valentines Day Massacre in Chicago
moonshine and bathtub gin
December 1933
Utah the 36th vote
The 1920's was considered the jazz age!
Fast beat
Symbolized the decades spirit of liberation
A new dance style came upon them
Very spontaneous, and wild
More physical contact with the other gender
Shocked the older generation
Joe "King" Oliver was the musician of the time
Original Dixieland Jazz Band- Recorded- Copied from Af. Am.
1922 was when African Americans started creating music
Broadways "prime years"
50 new plays
"There was music coming from my neighbor's house through the summer nights" pg. 39

Someone makes
the product
Someone buys
the product
The workers get paid for making the product and spend their own money
Cycle of the booming Economy
Men's Clothing
Slimmer suits with casual ties
Baggy trousers with cuffs and a slim belt
Fedoras or brimmed hats
Two-toned or wingtip
Heavy furs
" I must have felt pretty weird by that time, because I could think of nothing except the luminosity of his pink suit under the moon." pg. 142
Sports Clothing
Plain, plaid, check, or tweed pants
Long sleeve striped shirt with collar
Flat/Ivy hats
Sense of creativity
using grape juice
fruit cocktails
Modern vegetarianism
peanuts instead of meat
raw foods
tea sandwiches
Ladies Aid Societies and Domestic Scientists
the poor
newly arrived immigrants
"He's a bootlegger," said the young ladies, moving somewhere between his cocktails and his flowers. "One time he killed a man who had found out that he was nephew to Von Hidenburg and second cousin to the devil. Reach me a rose, honey, and pour me a last drop into that there crystal glass." pg. 61
rapidly growing automobile industry led by Henry Ford
new and better models every year
tax on gas (2-5 cents per gallon)
roads redesigned and rebuilt for automobile
new road rules, road signs, method of controlling traffic (densely populated areas)
cars had large diameter skinny tires (cutting through mud & solid ground)
low cost Model T Ford (most popular) to expensive Duesenberg (Jay Gatsby)
targeted women so they can increase range of colors, interior linings, easier to drive and maintain
bright paint colors and dual tone color schemes
automobiles in the U.S. passed the 10M mark
Model T Ford
Jazz: The Black Bottom Dance
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