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Ethical Issues in Communication Tech

No description

anthony jaworowski

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of Ethical Issues in Communication Tech

Ethical uses:

Non Ethical
* There is a lot of scammers trying to dm you.
*People created spam accounts.
* Some kids are bullied.
*Hackers are all round
Ethical Issues in Communication Tech
By: Anthony Jaworowski
Unethical Uses:
* Good for communication
*Keeping streaks
*Posting daily
*Face timing
*It has filters that can put
funny effects on your face

* People spam their story's
* Its not that hard to have your
account hacked
* Pressured to keep streaks
* Daily sports highlights
* See peoples best moments in
life instead of daily post
*Meet new friends
* Known to boost self
* Helps maintain long distance
* Easy to follow celebrity's
* Good for memes
* Easy to get followed by a famous person
* Easy to see celebrity's day in the life
Long Range Effects
Ways to protect yourself:
* Don't start streaks
*Make sure that you make a hard password for someone to guess
*Only add the people that you know
* Its been up and running for
8 years.
*People all around the world
can uses it.
Long Range Effects:
*Its been an app for about 8 years
*Millions all around the world uses
it daily
*Only you can delete your acount

Ways to Protect yourself:
* Don't open your dm's
*Only follow the accounts
that you truly want to see
every day
*Only follow your true friends
*Don't talk to suspicious accounts
Non Ethical
* Hard to find your contacts on the app
* Hard to dm people
* complicated to sign up or even log in
Ways to protect yourself
* Don't follow to many accounts
* Try to not dm people to often
* When you sign up make a password that you know you can remember.
* don't sign out of the app.
Long Term Effects
* It has ben around for about 12 years now
* Millions all around the world use it daily
* In the top 10 charts on apples app store
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