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Salmonella Food Poisoning

No description

Mouza AlShamsi

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Salmonella Food Poisoning

* Wash your hand

* Use gloves when dealing patient

* Dispose of toilet contant and sterilize

* Avoid using pations personal things

* Dont cook for others if you are infected

* Use high temperature water in washing clothes

* Aviod associating with others if you are infected

* Avoid Fast food
UAE statistics
What is Salmonella?
* Bacterial diseas that infect the intestines

* Transmitted to human through
- Improperly stored food
- undercooked food
** Diagnosis: to identify the presence of disease through Medical examination.
* What is Salmonella?

* Causes

* Diagnose

* Symptoms

* Prevention

* Statistics in UAE

* Conclusion
Causes of Salmonella
* Contaminated food or drinks

* Undercooked food

* Raw meat, poultry or seafood

* Eggs

* The water if not sterilized before drinking

* Fruit and vegetables if contaminated through fertitizers
Salmonella Food Poisoning
* Check for the Salmonella symptoms
- High fever
- Diarrhea
- Abdominal cramps
* Medical Examination
- Blood Test
- Feces Test
Treatment for Children
* Drink a lot of fluids
- aviod drinks with suger.

* Antibiotics

* Paracetamol or Ibuprofen
Treatment for adults
* Drink a lot of fluids

* Dont consume a lot of suger

* Medication - anti diarrhea
lifestyle & eating habits
* Cook meat carefully

* Dont purchase cracked or dirty eggs

* Use strick food processing measurement

* Dont consume unpasteurized milk

* Make sure to work in clean place

* Wash all fruits and vegetables before eating
* Wash your hand with soap after using the toilet

* Clean the toilet reularly with disinfectant

* Dont reheat food more than once

* Separate raw and cooked food.
* We defined the salmonella

* We talked about the cause of infection

* We talked about the diagnoses

* We talked about the symptoms

* We covered the prevention measurement

* We also covers the Infection statistics in UAE

Thank you
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