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Guadalupe Regional Middle School

No description

Dandy Pilon

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Guadalupe Regional Middle School

Foundation Drive Our Goals: College & Heaven Graduate Support Results Core * Religious Formation
* College Preparatory Instruction
* Educating the Whole Person
* The Christian Learning Community Faith * Max School Size of 90 Students
* Small Classes
* Extended School Day
* Weekly Mass, Daily Prayer, Daily Religion Class
* Daily Study Hall & Optional Evening Study Hall
* Extra-curricular Activities- Sports, Art, Etc.
From Roots to Results Following the NativityMiguel model,
GRMS offers academically successful
boys and girls from families of low
and modest incomes the opportunity
to receive a quality Catholic education
with an emphasis on small class size,
a safe family environment, and
Christian values. * Events & Socials
* Volunteer Opportunities
* Spiritual/Religious Guidance
* Tutoring & Study Opportunities
* Assistance w/ College Applications Guadalupe Regional Middle School Education 4 Pillars: A Different Kind of School: Beyond the Middle School Years: * Our graduates go on to attend
both public & private high schools
including Saint Joseph Academy,
BISD, Med-Tech, Science Academy,
Med-High, and Brownsville Early
College High School
* 100% of our grads have completed
high school on time
* 94% are attending post secondary
institutions around the country
including MIT, Texas A&M,
UTB, Alaska Pacific
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