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The Disaster of Pompeii (Sabrina Sanchez)

No description

Sabrina Sanchez

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of The Disaster of Pompeii (Sabrina Sanchez)

The Disaster of Pompeii
What Happened to Pompeii?
When Mt Vesuvius exploded all the roofs of the houses slopped in by the weight of the ash which killed the people who stated inside when it happened. When the whole city got covered in ash it meant that everything was preserved so now we can see how they lived. Over 20,000 citizens were buried alive by the ash which would be a horrible death. There was no way to escape from the ash because of how fast it was coming down and rocks fell from the sky making it harder to escape.
Mt Vesuvius is located on the southwest cost of Italy and is only 26.1 kilometers away from Pompeii. Pompeii is found on the bay of Naples south.
Mt Vesuvius
Mt Vesuvius exploding covering Pompeii in ash and lava
The Disaster of Pompeii
'Mt Vesuvius'

'The Destruction of Pompeii, 79 AD'


Joni. 'Pompeii' October 16, 2001.

Bagley,Mary. 'Mount Vesuvius & Pompeii: Facts & History' March 13, 2013.

'Eruption of Vesuvius'
In 79 AD Mt Vesuvius blew it's top off burying the city of Pompeii in Rome. All the citizens of Pompeii were buried alive by volcanic ash. Mt Vesuvius had been rumbling for a few days before but had done this many times before. Nobody was ready when it erupted because they had busy lives to get on with. Pompeii was not the only city to get affected. The other cities are Herculaneum and Stabiae.
What is the Disaster of Pompeii?
Mt Vesuvius exploding spreading ash all over Pompeii
Pompeii being destroyed
Location of Mt Vesuvius and Pompeii
Mt Vesuvius is the only active volcano that is on the main land of Europe, but is one of the smallest volcanoes. It is commonly known for the disaster of Pompeii. Mt Vesuvius is very dangers because of the amount of people that live close by in Naples and surrounding towns. Scientist have found that Mt Vesuvius erupts about every 20 years, but the only serious one in that timeline was in 1944. Scientist have concluded that Mt Vesuvius is overdue to erupt.
How Mt Vesuvius works
Devastation Caused
When Mt Vesuvius erupted all the volcanic ash flooded the city making there no way of escaping. The only good thing that came from this is that it preserved the people involved which helps us now so we can see how they lived and what it was like when it happened.
The Eruption
When Mt Vesuvius erupted it thrust tonnes burning stone and ash 12 miles high. Extremely hot lava poured out and ran down the mountain. There was an ash cloud falling over Pompeii and it covered hundreds of square kilometres of land with hot ash.
People that were involved
Mt Vesuvius erupting over Pompeii
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