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ankush bali

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

By - Robby Mall and Ankush Bali
This project is about Hurricanes!
Image Credits
A Hurricane
- Destructive
- Rain, wind, water, floods, hailstroms and thunderstroms.
- Gaint, sprialing tropical stroms that can pack wind speeds over 160 miles per hour and can unleash more than 2.4 trillion gallons of rain per day.
- Also known as typhoons in Westren Pacific.
-Known as cyclones in Australia and Indian Ocean.
Hurricane wind
May 5, 2013
May 6, 2013
Where Most Hurricanes Occur
-Mostly take place near South America and
South-East Asia
-Starts in the middle of the ocean where the water is warm
Impact of a Hurricane
- There are many impacts on the land when a hurricane has taken place.
- impacts are things like deaths, floods, storms, and destroyed homes.
- a hurricane is very harsh because it has a diameter of 100-1500 km across (the average is 600km) and the pressure at the center is 870-990 mb (the average is 950mb)
Guy in storm
May 6, 2013
Blue hurricane
May 7, 2013
Aspects of physical geography of a Hurricane
Some places where Hurricanes occurred
-Not a threat locally but will have effects If passes by
1926, Miami: Left 114 dead, destroyed 25,000 homes and caused $500 million worth of damage.
1965, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana: Hurricane Betsy left $6 billion worth of damage.
1938, New York, new England: 700 died, 1,500 injured and 100,000 houses damaged.
Hurricane graph
May 7, 2013
Hurricane Betsy
May 7, 2013
A picture of Hurricane Betsy.
Did You Know????????
A Natural Disaster
-Saffir Simpson scale used to measure hurricane
-Hurricane seasons are mid August to late october
-average 5 to 6 hurricanes per year
The Scale
Saffir Simpson Scale
May 8, 2013
- World Meteorological Organization develops a list of names in alphabetical order to tropical storms as they are discovered in each hurricane season.
-Names can be repeated after an interval of six years, but the names of especially severe storms are permanently retired from use.
-Mostly it would rain and hail if hurricane was near Indian ocean
-It would rain, hail and snow if hurricane was near North America
Future names for hurricanes
Hurricane future names
May 8, 2013
Resource information
Author: Jules Archer
Title: Nature's Disasters-Hurricanes!
Year of publication: 1991
Publisher: Macmillian Publishing Company
City of Publication: Crestwood House
Hurricanes. 1998. National Geographic Society. 5 May,2013
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