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Copy of Varsity Golf

No description

Scott Stagnitta

on 6 March 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Varsity Golf

Practice your weakness! One of the first rules of “Game Improvement”, regardless of your level of play, is to understand precisely where you are, not where you think you are.
The rest of the team is the Gold squad ( non starters).

Gold Squad will play with the extras from the other teams during all home matches and practice with the blue squad.
Top 6 golfers play in the varsity matches
Matches are decided by the 4 lowest total scores. Ties are decided by the 5th best score and then the 6th best score if still tied. If the score is still tied, the match is considered a draw.

At just our home matches, if possible, I usually play 8 in the match. This give two more players an opportunity to experience playing in a golf match. The 7th and 8th players scores do not count.
Match Format
If you are driving to the course, you should be the only player in the car.

On practice days, you can take the activity bus to the course.

On days we have matches, we will have a specific golf bus.
Dress for appropriate
weather conditions
Skaneateles Girls Golf Pearl Lakes Driving Range : SEASON PASS

$7.00 to play anytime
$6.00 for a large bucket of balls
We will have a rule session team meeting that everybody needs to attend, so we can go over all the rules for the game.
swing mechanics
Course Management
Team Pictures are On March 29th at 2:45
Practice Facilities
Champions for Life (3 days a week)
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Trip to the Turning Stone Golf Dome
Skaneateles Country Club
Pearl Lakes Driving Range

Teams are Chittenango, Westhill, Marcellus, Skaneateles, Cazenovia, CBA, Bishop Grimes

Each team will play 12 league matches, home and away. If teams are unable to make up matches or cancelled due to weather etc, they can be made up at the league tournament.
Golf, and girls golf in particular, is different from many other interscholastic sports in that the matches are played at courses that are not school property and in turn shared with the general public. My main goal as the coach is to make sure matches are played fairly, timely, joyfully and respectfully to the host course and the members that are using the course.
Spectators are not allowed on the course during matches. Coaches are not allowed to give advice during match play, but can assist with rulings. It is recommended that if players have a rules question and a coach is not present, they should play two balls from the spot of the rules question and the proper ruling can be given upon completion of the match.

USGA rules are in used in league play. Coaches and courses are welcome to use local rules to expedite play and for
safety. Rangefinders can be used, but must be a golf specific device(ex. no cellphones with GPS apps).

Cell phones and communication devices are to be used only in case of an emergency during match play.
The Top 8 Players are on the Blue Squad
This is all based on scores.
Practice is very important, so plan on practicing on the days we have no matches.
League Tournament

There will be a league tournament to contest a league tournament title and help determine all league
teams. This will be an 18 hole event that will help prepare players for sectional and state competition.
This tournament will be for all the teams in the division (7 presently) and each team will enter 4-5 girls
into the tournament. The team title will go to the team with the lowest 4 scores.
Breakdown of Team
What should be in your Golf bag
Rain Gear
Practice Sessions

No Spectators, No Cell Phones
Things we work on:
Team Rules
Be on time
Follow dress code at the club: No Jeans, must have a polo shirt with collar.
No giving rides to students to or from practice or matches.
Allow members to always play through
Team Philosophy: Practice hard, play hard, respect yourself and your competitors, and while you’re at it, enjoy yourself. Golf is a game that you can play the rest of your life. It's hard to play well but so much can be learned from trying to master the game.
I will use Remind App to communicate with the team and parents.
Team Communication
OHSL Girls Golf
Data collecting:
Most of my Remind Messages will show up as a photo.
I create my messages in Notes
All team members should have my cell number in case of an emergency on the golf course.

Parents can always email me if they have any further questions sstagnit@skanschools.org
Golf Teaches Students Core Values
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