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Copy of Varsity Golf

No description

Scott Stagnitta

on 6 March 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Varsity Golf

Before your first practice, the following forms must be complete:
First Aid

Code of Conduct

Athletic Update or Physical form (nurse)

Selective Classification Forms to the nurse (only middle School Girls)

Impact Test

Concussion Form
Practice Facilities
Champions for Life (3 days a week)
Pearl Lakes Driving Range
West Hill C.C.
Skaneateles C.C
*Putting *Chipping *Pitching *Course Management
*Iron Shots *Driving range *playing 9 holes *Bunker shots
Practice your weakness average golfers, as a rule, are big on being realistic. One of the first rules of “Game Improvement”, regardless of your level of play, is to understand precisely where you are, not where you think you are.
The only way to improve at a quick rate is to collect data and use it to work on areas of your game that needs Improvement..
Keep Track of Important Data
The rest of the team is the Gold squad ( non starters)

Gold Squad will play with the extras from the other teams during all home matches.
Away matches is up to other coach and course
Top 6 golfers play in varsity matches
Team Format
Be on time
Follow dress code at the club
Practice is very important, so plan on practicing on the days we have no matches.
If you are driving to the course, you should be the only player in the car.

On practice days you can take the activity bus to the course.

On days we have matches, we will have a specific golf bus.
Dress for appropriate
weather conditions
Pearl Lakes Driving Range : SEASON PASS

Unlimited use until June 1st
$6.00 to play anytime
$5.00 for a large bucket of balls
This covers both Boys and Girls golf teams
Golf Clothing

New Jackets


order new golf shirts next week for new players

League Alignment: 2 Divisions

Division 2- Chittenango, Cazenovia,, Skaneateles, Marcellus, Westhill, ESM Orange
Division 1- Jamesville-Dewitt, ESM, CBA, Oswego, Central Square, Auburn, ESM Blue

For league matches, teams will play everyone in their division two times and everyone on the other side once.

Qualifying scores for sectionals will be the same as they have been, according to the sectional rules.
Matches are decided by the lowest total of the 4 best scores out of 6. Ties are decided by the 5th best score and thenthe 6th best score if still tied. If the score is still tied the match is considered a draw
At Home we start 8 in a match
We will have a rule session that everybody needs to attend, so we can go over all the rules of this crazy game.
Missing Practice
If you miss two unexcused practices back to Gym
Miss three and your off the team
Course Management
Data collecting:
You can not contract out of Gym until we are practicing outside everyday ( should be around 2-3 weeks)
Contract out of Gym
Top 8 play at Home Matches
Pictures are On March 16th
Code of Conduct
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