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Be Practical

A presentation on Chapter 4 of A Whack on the Side of the Head' by Roger Von Oech

Janice Metot

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Be Practical

but don't let that stop you!
Be Practical
Having the ability to symbolize our experience, we are not bound by real world constraints
Be Practical
What if all the people carried their homes on thier backs?
What if people let off an awful smell when they behaved unethically?
What if we had an eye in the back of our heads?
Ask What if? / Answer What if.
Imagine You're the idea

Why don't people use what if more often?
Our Imaginative Seedbed
The stepping stones
What if we put gunpowder in our paint?
The problem: paint chips off the house after 4-5 years.
If we put gunpowder in our house paint, we could blow it off the house!
(dumb idea!)
What other ways are there to create a chemical reaction to remove the paint?
(maybe you've got something there?!)
This company went on to create a process to put additives in the paint that would cause the paint to strip right off when another solution was added.
When people look at new ideas,
they tend to be critical and look at what is out of whack
What if questions are low probability- it may take many ideas to get to one that is a practical creative idea
'wild goose chase'
We haven't been taught to
In every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist after growing up
The Artist:
The Judge?
the kind of thinking used in the imaginative phase-for generating ideas

"when presented with new ideas, focus initially on their positive, interesting, and useful features. "
the evaluative outlook for the practical phase when we're preparing ideas for execution

"Being practical is important in the world of action, but practicality alone, will not generate new ideas"
Be Practical, Chapter 4, presented by Janice Metot
Von Oech, Roger; A Whack on the Side of the Head, 2008, New York
Imagine how others would do it
Mother Theresa, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, someone you respect, etc.

What expertise do they add?
What innovative changes would they make?
What If I were an elevator falling at the speed of light?
what if there was a hole in the elevator?
What would happen?
What would the lights behavior be?
Albert Einstein's theory of relativity
the realm of the possible
As adults we look at the "What is", and if we look at the What if, we are told to 'grow up'.
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