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VW Dark Side digital campaign


James Sadri

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of VW Dark Side digital campaign

The Dark Side 5 Things Yoda Taught Me James Sadri / @halfiranian What's the campaign about? VW's lobbying and dirty tech Challenges Complex Message 30% greenouse gas cuts by 2020
95/80g CO2/KM car efficiency standards by 2020
Package of technical demands Appropriate Tone 1. Squeeze your organisation for ideas Mixed results
with agencies 40 Million views! But how? Time for mass office brainstorm bouncy chair moment
two-brands too many?
symbols and language perfect many people unconvinced Could Star Wars be the campaign theme? 3. Immerse yourself in the concept - have fun with it Campaign Language Yoda FQA Twitter feed Brian the ex-VW employee Jedi Training 3. Launch in the real world Launched in Old Street 65 people on the ground
4 main billboards & foundry
15 stormtroopers
4 large soundsystems
12 people flyering 'stormtroopers' & 'old street' trending on Twitter 4. 'Nestle effect' of YouTube take down? Nestle took our video down
making it more popular VW video was already trending Difficult to know net effect <1% of referrals from YouTube itself, but embedded blogs and FB shares
shared about 100k times on Facebook, all those videos in timelines went blank
didn't impact momentum significantly, but didn't increase traffic 5. Give people things to compete and cooperate around Great to see independent conversations around a campaign
Too often we're the hub
Interesting cooperation (and cheating) behaviours Loads of FB pages Not all friendly help. Where are we now? In numbers: 13 languages
391,000 Jedi
7 million visits (24M page views)
67k new facebook fans
11,000 tweets

The campaign continues... Core content: 2-part film
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