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Alex's First Try

Business 345

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Peterson

History Process &
Customer Organization &
Culture Opportunties Threats
Weaknesses Recommendations 1909.................1910..............1928..................1953.............1970..................1980s............2010 James Hopper Peterson Sr. bought 18 acres of land
Wahiawa Heights
Cleared land by hand
Dairy farm
Sold milk, cream, and butter
Schofield Barracks
James Jr. and Alan were born James and Alan took over business.
160-180k Chickens poultry farms in Hawaii

Peterson's own 9,500 Chickens
3 generations of Petersons

poultry farms in Hawaii Adult Egg Gathering Grading Candling Packing Selling Washing Baby Chicks Customers Local Community Restaurants Manure


Adult Chicken Sales

Vision Bring production back to peak levels

Upgrading facilities

Free-range eggs

Incorporating agricultural tourism
21 4 Primary Recommendation: Modernization of farm
Secondary Recommendation: Agricultural tourism Step 1: Sell Property Modernization of Farm Estimated capital raised: $250,000
Step 2: Purchase Modern Equipment Agricultural Tourism Alternative source of income

Increase Brand Awareness

Keep Older Workers 100 years of Operation in Hawaii.

Experienced and Educated Management.
18 acres of valuable land. Federal & State Subsidies

Strong Community-Based Goodwill

Alliance with Other Local Farms

Underdeveloped Local Agriculture Market High Feed Costs

Low Positive Cash Flow

Mainland Egg Company Competition

Poorly Maintained & Highly Depreciated Equipment Hierarchy Thank you for your
time! Sani-Touch Model 10 CSG
Washes, Candles, & Grades
Requires only 4 workers
5,000 eggs / hour process capacity Rebuild unused hen houses

Purchase larger cooler (storage)

Landscaping (agri-tourism)

Hawaii Agri-Tourism

$33.9 Millon (2003)
187 farms (3.4% participation | 5,500 farms)
-48% increase | growing trend

Average Income generated: $181,283
Source: Hawaii Agricultural Statistical Office, 2004 Amount of Viable Opportunities Increase Production & Efficiency
One day's work in two hours | half the workers
400% increase
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