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Copy of Return to Sender by Julia Alvarez

No description

michael douglas

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Return to Sender by Julia Alvarez

Rising Action
Falling Action &
In the beginning, Mari Dolores, her sisters,
and her family travel from Mexico, to
North Carolina, and from there to Vermont.
The thing is, she has left her mother in Mexico and her family is working for the Paquette farm because the Paquette father couldn't work for the farm anymore.
A girl named Mari Dolores travels with her family to Vermont, USA to work on the
Paquette's farm. She later becomes friends with the Paquette's youngest son, Tyler.
*Mari Dolores
*Ofie Dolores (sister of Mari and Luby)
*Luby Dolores (sister of Mari and Ofie)
*The Paquettes
*Tyler Paquette (the Paquette's youngest son)
*The Dolores Family
Return to Sender
by Julia Alvarez

Mari, Ofie, and Luby become friends
with the Paquette family and Tyler.
Mari is proud of her Mexican heritage
but is connected to her American
life. When she does go to school, she
struggles to gain the liking of the
other American kids claiming she was
"an alien from another world".
The immigration police catch an uncle of the
Dolores family. Mari struggles with the loss
of her favorite uncle...more like one of her
favorite uncles! She wants to reunite her family
again, bring her uncle from jail, and bring her
mom to Vermont...but how?
The Dolores and the Paquette
family team up together to
bring the uncle and the mom
before the holiday. Soon, all of
the Dolores family is reunited
and lives on the Vermont Paquette
By: Patricia Ndombe
Mari also faces the loss of her
mother who is still in Mexico.
She also fears the immigration
police will ship her family back
to Mexico and tear their family
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