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Popular Music and Authenticity


Gwenaelle Sanchez

on 12 February 2010

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Transcript of Popular Music and Authenticity

Popular Music is pushing boundaries of 'Marketing through Manipulation' How? By explicitly personnifying issues and needs of society Alter egos and dual personality Visual elements of performance:
sexually explicit Visual culture:
Fashion icon to 'monster' to sexual ambiguity What makes popular music audience tick?

To what extent must the manager use marketing through manipulation to bring attention to his artist? How far can we push the boundaries? Promoting through mock and horror Pushing boundaries: can the music manager balance the creation of a buzz around his artist without lacking credibility? PATTERNS! Perceptual Structures Means of exposure David Bowie: "His commitment was not to the form but to his ability to manipulate that form to inspire commitment from his audience" - Philip Auslander, 2006 Back to Glam Rock Ideology Marketing through Manipulation: where we feed the audience what they think they want and more... Idolising the ridiculous shock perversity entertainment love/hate relationships Strategy? Phase? Limit? Loss of credibility? choice? Balance? Methodology: need more evidence! Psychologist? Popular music managers which use marketing through manipulation Literature:

Ann Powers for Los Angeles Times.

Performing Glam Rock: Gender and Theatricality in Popular Music by Philip Auslander

Art and Outrage: Provocation, Controversy and the Visual Arts by John A. Walker

In the Culture Society: Art, Fashion and Popular Music by Angela McRobbie

Fame, Fashion and Photography: The Real Blow Up (dvd)

Stars in our Eyes: The Star Phenomenon in the Contemporary Era by Angela Ndaluianis and Charlotte Henry.

Music as Social Life: The Politics of Participation by Thomas Turino
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