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From Reading to Writing and APA


EDP Writing Tutor

on 24 May 2017

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Transcript of From Reading to Writing and APA

From Reading to Writing and APA
What is Critical Reading?
The text is not always fact.

The individual portraying the "facts" is considered.

A "particular portrayal of facts can lead to a particular understanding." (DK)

It's important to contextualize.
Critical Reading Tips
"Research says..."
1. Kurland (2010): Restate, Describe, Interpret.

2. Kostons & van der Werf (2015): Think about the way that you are learning as you are learning (metacognitive knowledge activation).

Critical Reading Tips
"Tutors say..."
Critical Writing
APA tips
First, let's talk about plagiarism...
Second, let's talk about in-text citation
Third, let's talk about the reference list

Do you ever feel like this?
Writing Center's 3 Step Guide to Kicking Grad-School Booty
tips & techniques
Or this?
Contact us for more writing fun, consultation and support!
Jennie Crooks - EDPWrite@uw.edu

Writing Center:
Research Commons, Room T 252
Office Hours:
Tues & Wed, 1-6pm
Fri - Sun, By Appointment (so email me!)

Book @: Meetme.so/edpwrite

Prompt 1:
Prompt 2:
In this paper you will provide a structural analysis of the various MBIs. Discuss the theoretical framework upon which MBIs are based, the populations that MBIs best serve, and the implications of a MBI for social work and social justice.
Discuss how “Bootstrapping” contributes to both competing ideological frameworks in the fast-food wage debate articles, providing a balanced review of each framework. Please be sure to include a historical analysis of each ideological framework, detailing how the present perspective came into being and include with implications for social work practice.
And if ever you find you feel like this...
Our Intentions for Today...
1. Gain an understanding of what critical reading and writing is
2. Learn ways to manage the academic load
3. Learn how to engage with the reading/writing/topic
4. Relationship/Community Building

Favorite Breakfast Food
1. Describe your favorite breakfast without naming it.

2. Find someone who compliments your choices.

3. Report out.
1. Read for themes, concept map, question the ideas (JCR)

2. Focus on main points (don't get caught in the weeds), find what you connect to, topic sentences as guides (AEL)

Then take a minute...

1. How do you feel about what you read?
2. What is your opinion of what you just read?
3. How are you going to get all that down on paper?
Choose depth over breadth
Funnel approach
Figure out what your argument is and how other authors would respond to it (Reineke, n.d.)
Have authors talk to each other and have you be the moderator (Reineke, n.d.)
Critical Reading Your Writing
Reverse outline
Pretend it's not yours
Summarize each paragraph into one sentence
Read it out loud
Now...Let's practice !
Information about the Writing Center
To get in touch with us...
Research Commons Room 252T
APA tips
First, let's talk about plagiarism...
Second, let's talk about in-text citation
Third, let's talk about the reference list

Research Tools
We have a librarian!
Use a citation tool
Health Sciences website
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