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CNN Heroes Activity

No description

Megan Reed

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of CNN Heroes Activity

CNN Heroes
Directed Note Taking Sheet
As you participate in the "jigsaw walk", take notes on your DNT sheet. Remember this is a silent activity
Revisit exit slip
-After the Jigsaw walk is complete each group will read their index card to the class. Please make sure to use evidence from your article
What do you think is the meaning of the essential question?
Poster Rubric
CNN Heroes Activity
Objective: Students will be able to identify risks, benefits and sacrifices in a piece of text and answer the essential questions using textual support.
Do Now:
Does the end justify the means?
How do you think this relates to noble sacrifice?
Each group will be assigned one specific article to 'master'
Read the article and mark the text for the following: risks, benefits, sacrifices and outcome(s)
-1st read: independently -Group Discussion
Create a poster using the rubric provided
Respond to the Essential Question on the index card provided using evidence from your article (3-5 sentences)
-Name of the CNN Hero and Article Title (4 points)
-2 to 4 sentences describing why he/she is considered a hero (8 points)
-At least 5 keys facts and/or quotes from your assigned article (10 points)
-Identify all of the sacrifices that were made by the hero or other people involved(6 points)
-Identify as many risks and benefits as you can (6 points)
-It must be creative, unique and legible (6 points)

risks, benefits and
support, defend
S - Sacrifices
O - Outcome
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