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David Graham

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Git

1. What is git?
2. Key Git features
4. Useful resources
3. Basic git commands
Distributed version control system
Branching and merging
Small and fast
Almost everything is local so you don't have to worry if the network is slow

Designed with speed and performance in mind

SVN tests were done on a server with no load with an 80MB/s bandwidth connection to the client machine

Size is bigger, but is still small, considering that you have the entire history locally
Creating and switching to branches is quicker and simpler than SVN

A feature branch can be created locally, worked on then merged in

Have branches that are always for certain tasks, such as development, testing or deployment

Create branches to experiment, realise that its not going to work, and delete it, with no one knowing.

With some git hosting software, you can have per branch permissions
Can set up whatever work flow works best for the team

Can commit in locally to keep track of you changes and it not affect anyone else

Multiple backups
Undoing changes
git clone
git add
git commit
git log
Similar to
Similar to
Similar to
svn checkout
svn commit
svn log
git checkout
git revert
avoid git reset as this will remove history
Checkout a previous commit or file
Makes a new commit, removing the changes introduced in the specified version number
git branch
git checkout
git merge
Create, list and delete branches
Updates the files in the working directory to match the branch
Merge another branch into the current branch
git fetch
git pull
git push
similar to
svn update
similar to
svn update
similar to
svn commit
This Presentation: http://goo.gl/s4HdYu
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