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Roosevelt's Square Deal

No description

Bill Cao

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Roosevelt's Square Deal

Roosevelt Rises to the Presidency
by 1889 he became the president of New York City's Board of Police Commissioners gaining fame by fighting corruption.
appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy by President William McKinley.
formed the Rough Riders who became famous as a cavalry unit during the Spanish-American War
Roosevelt's Square Deal
After the War
Elected as the New York governor
push Progressive reforms after the war
Roosevelt became president after McKinley was assassinated
expanded the power of the President
convinced Americans the need for change
pushed through reform legislation including the Square Deal
The goals of the Square Deal were to keep the wealthy form taking advantage of small business owners and the poor.
Trust busting and regulating Industry
Roosevelt convinced Congress to establish the Department of Commerce and Labor to monitor businesses engaged in interstate commerce
Roosevelt Takes on the Railroads
Railroad companies could charge whatever they wanted for shipping freight.
Roosevelt pushed Congress to pass the Elkins act and Hepburn Act which strengthen the powers of the ICC
Roosevelt Enforces the Sherman Antitrust Act- and regulates food and drugs
Roosevelt Shapes the Modern Presidency
graduated from Harvard University in 1880 with honors.
elected to the New York State Assembly
After 3 years there, and the deaths of both his mother and his wife, Alice, he retired from his post.

differentiated between good trusts and bad trusts. Took down trusts that were bad
urged Congress to pass the Meat Inspection act that can inspect any meat sold across state lines
The Pure Food and Drug act banned the interstate shipment of impure food and mislabeling of d and drugs.
The Government Manages the Environment
closed off more than 100 million acres of forest land
preserved forests for public use
pushed Congress to pass the National Reclamation Act which gave the federal government the power to decide where and how waster would be distributed.
Roosevelt and Taft differ
Taft began to set his own agenda when he got elected
Roosevelt traveled the nation speaking about New Nationalism, a program to restore the government's trust busting power.
Question 1
What famous toy is Roosevelt famous for?
Answer 1
The Teddy Bear
If you didn't know that clearly you haven't been playing with teddy bears recently
Question 2
What were some food and drug regulations that Roosevelt help pass?
Answer 2
During Roosevelt's tenure as president he passed the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act
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