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The difference between political systems of China and USA

political systems of China and USA

mo Fan

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of The difference between political systems of China and USA

5.state forms unity state system
federalist country a national constitution

different constitutions one national falg

each state has its own flag 3.political party system communist party leadership
national two party system multi_party cooperation socialist democratic politics democratic & republician parties never meet a strong opponent 2. system of government institution of strong presidency responsible for the consititution & electors national people's congress
NPC responsible for the NPC 4.forms of Democracy Democratic Centralism Separation of Powers state organs supply the principle instituted through democratic election organs of the state are created by the people's congress Congress -power to legislate President - Executive Power Supreme court & inferior courts-Judicial power Jhon locke 6. two special political systems in China System of regional automy one country two systems 1. State system people's democratic dictatorship
of socialist countries bourgeois dictatorship
of capitalist countries different classes different representation of interests
of the people The End members: Yunhua Shang Hongxia Mou

Mo Fan Meng Wang Yunhao Guo Mei Jiang Xin Liu Wei Liu Xuting Zhong Shanghua Yu
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