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Beyond Orientation: Student Success

No description

Kurtis King

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Beyond Orientation: Student Success

Beyond Orientation: Student Success
Defining Success at CWI
They make timely progress towards academic and career goals.
Adhere to academic standards.

2.0 GPA (Academic & Financial Aid Standing)
67% completion ratio (Financial Aid Standing)

Academic Suspension and/or
Financial Aid Suspension
Maintain Academic Standards
To help you be successful we will show how to access your tools and resources, and assist you with creating an academic plan.
Resources and TooIs
Useful Resources for Students:
Know how to use your tools
You & Your GPA



Walk-in Advising
http://academicsuccess.signupsheet.com for available workshops
Multi-Purpose Building
and Ada County Center
Check Academic Profile to contact your Advisor
or Call 562-3000 for available walk-in times
Ada County Center, Canyon County Center, Micron Center for PTE, Nampa Academic
Find your

Academic Planning
Mapping out your future
Run Program Evaluation
Know your placement for Math and English

What's your major?
What are your career goals?
Are you transferring ?
Visit the Career and College Transfer Center
@ Micron Center for PTE to explore the possibilities
Assessment Centers @ Micron Center for PTE & Ada County Center
Where are you now and where are you going?
Tools for Academic Planning
Course Catalog

Advising Grid

Program Evaluation
Course descriptions
Pre-Requisite requirements
Degree requirements & course progression
View your completed courses &
remaining degree requirements
ENGL 101 Plus
myCWI & CWIdaho.cc
Using your tools effectively
Check your Financial Aid status

Registration Refresh

Student Accounts Self-Service
Things every student should know in myCWI:
Navigating CWIdaho.cc
Current Students

Advising Grids

Upcoming Events
Narrowing down your search
My Documents & Award Notification
Why do I have a late fee?
A CWI student will be successful if:
What are the Academic Standards?
Students who are not meeting Academic Standards may be put on:
Forms & Publications
Scholarship Opportunities
Updates & Reminders
Know what is going on at CWI
Like CWI Advising Facebook Page
New Ada County buildings

Graduation Application fee

IT Competitive Application

PTE Orientations

There are a few changes you should know about:
Remember, Remember:
Submit FAFSA early

Apply for Scholarships

Graduation Applications
Important Dates
Withdrawal date

Start of registration

Financial aid priority date
Academic Calendar
Online Event Calendar
Know your degree requirements and semester recommendations
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