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Lung cancer

No description

shriji shah

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Lung cancer

By: Yash Chosky, and Shriji Shah Lung Cancer Lung cancer is a type of cancer which starts at the lungs and spreads throughout the body infecting tissues and organs. Lung cancer is the worst type of cancer to get and it has taken the live of more than 790,000 lives and counting. Cause Of Death Explanation The number cause of lung cancer is smoking.
80-90 % of smokers are diagnosed with lung
cancer. 10-15 % of the time, people who don't smoke still get it because of: genetic factors, air
pollution and secondhand smoking. The success rate is 18% of women diagnosed with lung cancer are likely to be alive five years after their diagnosis. Canadian men with lung cancer have an average five-year survival rate of 13%. Impact On The Body Some of the current research on lung cancer includes: work being done to study the effectiveness of using new drugs, new combinations of chemotherapy (medication use to kill cancer cell), and combinations of chemotherapy and radiation therapy (high-energy beams to kill/damage cancer cells) before and after surgery to treat the disease. Research is also being conducted to investigate the effectiveness of using biological therapy to treat lung cancer. Systems affects by Lung Cancer The systems affected by lung cancer are Circulatory and
Respiratory. Respiratory system is affected by lung cancer because Respiratory helps you take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide and the cancer clogs the tubes. Circulatory system is affected by lung cancer because Circulatory system delivers nutrients to the body and because of lung cancer it can get clogged. Our video Early lung cancer often does not cause symptoms. But as the cancer grows, it takes a toll on the body and common symptoms include things as:

* a cough that gets worse or does not go away
* breathing trouble, such as shortness of breath
* constant chest pain
* coughing up blood
* a hoarse voice
* frequent lung infections, such as pneumonia
* feeling very tired all the time
* weight loss with no known cause
* and more Current research on lung cancer Our Photo's of Lung Cancer
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