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Figueroa,Brissa core 3

No description

Agassi Student

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of Figueroa,Brissa core 3

Chapter 1
The store is closed!
Hi! My name is Brissa and I want to make Carmel Sandwich for me and my friends. DING! Oh! there they are! They said their on there way. Well, I better hurry! I rushed to my kitchen to find... I had no bread or carmel! What was I going to do? Wait the store is open still I think? I grabed my bag and ran to the market, to find it was closed. Well, get ready for an adventure!
You will need to go to a lot of places to get everything for carmel. First you can ask your uncle to use his jet to fly to Wisconsin in Midwest for some milk. Find the freshest cow to get milk from. You will know this because it will be the most active. Also go to Pennsylvania to get more milk. Do the same u did to find the cow before. DING! Oh. My friends are coming at 7:00 pm. What time is it now? Wow it is 5:30!
Continued of chapter 3
Now on your way home have the pilot drop u off at Texas in the Southwest for some sugar. The best sugar cane is on the farest North farm. Also get a lot because we need to make syrup.
Chapter 4
Still carmel
You are going to need to go to Florida in Southeast for some vanilla. The vanilla will give the carmel some flavor. Last thing is to make the bread and the carmel. DING! My friends are outside. Well that is how you make a sandwich and see the Five regions of teh United States.
Chapter 2
The first stop
Sadly the market was closed, so we need to make a lot of pit stops. The better thing about that is we will be able to travel. First you are going to grab your car keys were heading to Cali! In other words California is in the West region of the United States. We need the best wheat for our bread.
How to Make a sandwich and see the Five regions of the Untied States
Figueroa,Brissa core 3
Chapter 3
The carmel!
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