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ayatollah hidayat

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Budapest San
Francisco The Historical Of Syech Yusuf
Tajul Khalwati Al-makassari Real History From Gowa Regency
South Sulawesi, Indonesia Syech Yusuf Tajul Khalwati was Born in Gowa, South Sulawesi in 03 July 1626, and Death in South Afrika in 23 May 1699 or 72 year old. The full name of Syech Yusuf is Tuanta’ Salama’ ri Gowa Syekh Yusuf Abul Mahasin Al-Taj Al-Khalwati Al-Makassari Al-Banteni Syech Yusuf learned Religion Islam at 15 year Old in Cikoang to Daeng RI Tassamang, the teacher Islam religion of Gowa Kindom. He learned to Sayyid Ba-Lawi Bin Abdullah Al-Allamh Attahir dan Sayyid Jalaluddin Al-Aidid.

Syech Yusuf learned to in Saudi Arabiah, Madinah, Yaman and Damaskus. Syech Yusuf come back to Gowa kindom but Gowa kindom lose war from Netherland and many crime and wickedness in Gowa. And held in the pass to make good situation by Islam religion. And moved to Banten to teached Islam religion. Buffetings Histori When Kindom of Gowa lose of wars from Netherland, Syech Yusuf moved to Banten Kindom. In Banten Syech Yusuf teach Islam religion and have 400 students.
In 1682 Syech Yusuf under arrest and moved to Srilangka in September 1684. In Sri Langka Syech Yusuf always teach Islam religion and have a hundreds student generali from South India.
In July netherland moved Syech Yusuf to South Afrika. In South Afrika Syech Yusuf every day teach about Islam. He have a much students. He die in 23 May 1699 and in South Afrika maked Remember day for Syech Yusuf.
Every year in South Afrika always maked remember day for Syech Yusuf because syech yusuf is master teach Islam religion in South Afrika. In fact, Nelson Mandela (Primary/president) says Syech Yusuf is the best people in Afrika. To remember historicall about Syech Yusuf in Gowa Have a street and Mosque the name is Syech Yusuf street and Syech Yusuf Mosque
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