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Socials Project


Andrew Gair

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Socials Project

Ancient Europe Ancient China Ancient Arabia Ancient Civilizations Climate... Water... Crops... Hunting... Trade Routes... Location... Laws... Reliegn... War Fare... Ancient India The Climate of Ancient Europe would have been a little colder then it is today. Perfect weather for farming Most of Europe was catholic in the ancient times.
This means that the church held alot of power Europe didnt need to hunt that often because they had room to farm.
How-ever they did hunt when they needed food.
They used dogs to help them find and fetch small game. Europe was a farming country. That means they didnt need to hunt.
They used alot of land for farming and it was their main way of getting food. Trade was done all over Europe. They would send out Caravans full of supplies to trade with other cities and some-times other countries. Every-one should know where Europe is located. But here's a map any-way... Some of the Laws in Ancient Europe were linked to the church.
The Laws changed between cities and times but the 7 sins didnt change. There are 7 sins made by the Church.
7.Sloth Each-one of these if done would lead to spiritual death. War in Europe was'nt rare. There was always a war going on. Be it between two Rulers or between two countries. Alothough it was common they try'd to avoid it with peace treaties and trade. But some-times it did'nt work and that led to war Europe was surounded on the Western side by water. This let them have a navy and a supply of fish. Climate... Water... Crops... Hunting... Trade Routes... Location... Laws... Religion... Warfare... Climate... Water... Crops... Hunting... Trade Routes... Location... Laws... Religion... Warfare... Climate... Water... Crops... Hunting... Trade Routes... Location... Laws... Religion... Warfare... Arabia is hotter than Europe or China. Of course its a desert so its a way diffrent land scape. Ancient Chineese winter was very cold. And very hot during the summer. China had alo of rice. It was the food they farmed most. China has alot of rivers running though it.
So there was no shortage of clean water China loke every other ancient civilization had to fight.
If they didnt then there homes would become rubble.
They united under one military around the first dynasty. China had good trade with other civilizations. They traded foods with Greece India and many more. Chineese in the early Shang Dynasty would write a question like "will you send adeer to me?" in cow bones. They would then poke the cow bone with a hot poleand the bone would shatter. Preists then would read the cracks and see what thegods said. China is located on the East side of Europe. Same spot as it is today. Chineese laws were very strict. Dis-obey the law and face the consiquences. Eventually the laws got less and less strict. China had a whole lot of diffrent religions over time. Some of these are:
Confucisum, Legalist, Taoism, and Buddisum. Buddisum is still the most common today and its still growing. There are some oasis' that give water to small towns. Sometimes they can even supply a whole city. Farming in Arabia would be hard. They had to grow lots of grains istead of fruits or herbs. In the desert there wasn't much to hunt. Afew lizards and bugs but not any big animals. Arabia couldn't hunt they had to farm. Ancient Arabia traded with caravans. Merchants would get together and roam the lands going to other towns and selling their goods. After they would return to their town and sell their goods again. Arabia is just North-East of Africa. Arabs believed in Muslim. They had 5 pillers. They would follow these 5 pillers. 1. Delclare Faith
2. Pray often
3. Charity
4. Fasting
5. Undertake Pilgrimage Arabia had a huge military. Their Empire grew quickly. They had a problem with Leadership though. Arab laws were linked to their faith. Often they would look to their god for law. If some one stool they would look to god to see how they should be punished. India was very hot. Just like Arabia. India got alot of rainfall. So they had alot of fresh water. India farmed lots of wheats and rice. India didnt hunt. They did how ever look for and pick berries. India traded alot. They travaled around selling and buying goods. India is located just south-west of china. Ancient India had formed caste's. They were like a family house. They would only be alowed to marry inside of thier house. Much of India was Hindu. Hindu had no known founder so no-one knows how it was formed. Warfare was un-commen for India. They had a bad military so they tryed to make peace with most of their enimies. HOPE YOU ENJOYED
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