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Francophone (Countries) Foods

No description

Leona Ewan

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Francophone (Countries) Foods

France Haiti Madagascar Soup Joumou Griot Blanc Manger Other Foods Foods for Which the French are Famous Bread, Cheese and Wine Le foie gras et le cassoulet (Aquitaine) La raclette et la fondue Les crêpes et galettes bretonnes et le camembert normand (Normandie) - Coq au vin--is a chicken fricassee cooked in red wine with mushrooms and sometimes garlic.
- Crêpes--is a very flat pancake typically stuffed with fruit or cream.
- Baguette-- is a long French bread loaf.
- Éclair--is a pastry stuffed with cream and topped with icing
- Crème Brûlée-- is a dessert custard topped with hard caramel. Artisan Cheese
It is safe to say that cheese is a major staple of the French diet and should you be visiting France, you would be remiss not to sample the region's cheese. There are some 400 different types of French cheeses, all classified by the type of milk they are made with. What's more, every region is known for particular kinds of cheese.

Bread and Pastry
Who hasn't eaten a French baguette before? In France, most people go to the boulangerie, and get their bread fresh or bake it fresh on a daily basis. Bread is eaten with chocolate or with cheese. In the morning, you might have pain au chocolat avec café ''(bread with chocolate and coffee) or in the evening you might take your bread with wine at your meal.

There is not a region in France that is NOT known for some type of wine. If you were to think about all the wines that have French names, it would soon become clear that the wine industry is quite large in France. For example:
- Champagne comes from the Champagne region in France.
- Chardonnay (believed to have originated in France)
- Merlot
- Burgundy wine
France reportedly makes close to 900 million dollars off of the wine industry. The foie gras and cassoulet are specialties of south-western France. Foie gras is a luxury product, usually reserved for special occasions. It is eaten on toast or as an ingredient in a dish prepared. The stew is a popular dish, prepared at the origin in a casserole. The ingredients vary, but in general, this specialty is composed of beans, pork and duck, sausages, tomatoes, garlic and herbs. Savoy, in the Rhône-Alpes region, is very rich in cheeses and two of its specialties contain cheese. For example, fondue is when one puts any type of cheese on the rostrum of the fondue pot and it melts. With a stick, one soaks a piece of bread in the fondue. But you want to make sure it doesn’t fall! The crepe and the pancake are one of the culinary specialties of Brittany. Crepes are often sweetened, salted, flamed, etc. In the pancake shops, the menu is completely composed of pancakes and crepes! Native to Haiti, Soup Joumou is a savory, mildly spicy soup, with a making history going back to the 17 century by the french colonialist who ruled Haiti at the time. The main ingredient is butternut squash and beef stew meat with additions of numerous different spice and vegetables. such as potato, carrot, turnips, onions, yam, celery, parsley, cabbage and other vegetables depending on family tradition, or personal preference. Thin pasta such as vermicelli and Macaroni are also added. On New Year's Day, Soup Joumou is consumed at every Haitian household. Francophone Cuisine
By: Leona Ewan Chicken in coconut milk Romazava Laoka Also known as a Beef and Greens stew it is a traditional Malagasy recipe (from Madagascar) for a classic stew of cubed beef and greens cooked in a spiced tomato base with chilies Three staple ingredients of Madagascan cuisine come together in one of the signature dishes from the large island off the eastern coast of Africa: chicken, coconut, and rice. The recipe, in fact, is very closely akin to a curry from the Asian rim except for its rather stark lack of heavy spices, which really allows the simple ingredients to come together and really stand out. Laoka are diverse and may include such ingredients as Bambara groundnuts with pork, beef or fish; trondro gasy, various freshwater fish; shredded cassava leaves with peanuts, beef or pork; henan'omby (beef) or akoho (chicken) sauteed with ginger and garlic or simmered in its own juices (a preparation called ritra); various types of seafood, which are more readily available along the coasts or in large urban centers; and many more. It is a traditional seasoned fried pork with scallions and peppers in a bitter orange sauce. It is usually eaten with a cornmeal porridge. The porridge's creamy and subtle flavor allows for the perfect complement of the griot. Conch salad Red beans and rice Lambi a la creole It is a sweet dessert commonly made with milk or cream and sugar thickened with gelatin, cornstarch or Irish moss, and often flavored with almonds. It is usually set into a mould and served cold. Although traditionally white, blancmanges are frequently given a pink color as well. Thanks for Watching!!
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