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The Odyssey: Circe & The Sirens

The Witch Circe, Land of the Dead, The Sirens

Nicole Petraitis

on 4 December 2018

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Transcript of The Odyssey: Circe & The Sirens

The Odyssey
Circe, Death, & Sirens
December 5, 2016
Where are we??
The Witch Circe
The Land of the Dead
After Polyphemus...
Things to remember:
Do Now: Journal Entry
In your groups, take 5 minutes to skim through the text and review important events that have happened so far. Prepare a short summary that one group member will share with the class. I will choose which group members share, so make sure you are all prepared!
King Alcinous
Polyphemus (Cyclops)
The Lotus Eaters
Homeric Simile
The Wind King's Favor
Odysseus's Mutinous Men
And Then There Was One (Ship)
Read "The Witch Circe" focusing on:
Figurative Language
Homeric Similes
On a new page in your binder, draw a T-chart. On one side write "See" and on the other write "Feel."
They were told to consult the blind prophet, Tiresias.
They offered a ram as sacrifice, & jars of milk, honey, wine & water.
Odysseus' mother and Elpenor were both unknown deaths to Odysseus.
Tiresias appeared & told Odysseus to avoid the cattle of Lord Helios.
He also said Odysseus' men would NOT avoid the cattle & would die.
Odysseus would be left alone & upon his return home he must kill the men living off his land, & then make a monument to Poseidon far inland.
The Odyssey begins on page 889
p. 911
Guided Imagery Activity
Quickly, complete the T-chart by writing exactly what you can remember creating in your mind. It is quite a skill to make images occur based on what you hear, so write fast!
Heads Down
Eyes Closed
Feet on Floor
The Sirens: Scylla & Charybdis
You will be reading independently. Complete the active reading guide as you go, making sure to identify any literary elements and highlighted themes in the episode.
Copy into your notes!
-To read "The Witch Circe" and complete Active Reading Guide and discussion questions to understand text structure, foreshadowing, and complex characters.
Today I will...
So that I can...
I'll know I have it by...
Complete your Active Reading Guide!
Exit Ticket -
What is one lesson that Odysseus has learned so far on his journey?
Homework: Complete active reading packet
December 7, 2016
Do Now:
Working in your groups, complete the graphic organizer summarizing each episode:
What happens to Odysseus in each adventure?
Whom does he meet?
How does he manage to move on?
Finish the graphic organizer you began earlier for the episodes you just read.
Exit Ticket: Where does Odysseus end up next?
Evens and Odds:
Compare your charts. What is similar/different?
Together, come up with a summary of the story and write that in your notes.
To use active reading strategies to analyze character and theme in "The Sirens: Scylla & Charybdis"
Standards Addressed:
Review your Active Reading Guide!
What do you see?
Imagine you are on that boat. What would you be thinking?
Make sure you have your Active Reading Packet!
Don't forget to complete your Active Reading Packet!
In 3-5 sentences, describe in detail what you see in the picture. How would you describe the woman? How would you describe the animals? Be specific.
The Land of the Dead - p. 914
Focus on the prophecy that Teiresias tells Odysseus:

What does he say is going to happen to Odysseus in the future?
Understand/Don't Understand Cards
p. 916
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