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No description

josh glass

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of MAZERUNNER

MAZE RUNNER by Josh Glass The story takes place in a giant maze that no one can escape. Thomas is a teenage boy who finds himself in the maze that no one can escape. He helped create the maze and is the only one who can get them out. Thomas discovers the Griever hole where the Grievers come from and the place where they need to escape through. He can also talk to Teresa telepathically. Alby and Newt are the leaders of the Gladers and have been there the longest. They showed Thomas around the Glade and taught him about the jobs and rules of the Glade. Theme Escape Will to survive Building a new society from the ground up Grievers !! Setting Rolling fleshy creatures that try to kill the gladers. The grievers have spikes and metal claws and they role and the crawl. Glade The Glade is the place where the Gladers live and is the only place where the gladers are safe at night.The Glade is also the place where the Gladers are first sent to by the creators. Thomas Albby and Newt Gladers The Gladers are teenage boys who were sent to
the Glade by the creators to see who could survive and to see if they could establish a working government. Wicked Wicked created the maze that they trapped the Gladers in. Wicked is doing this to see if they can find a cure for a disease that was caused by the Flare. THE FLARE The Flare was solar flare that came from the sun and wiped out all of the plants and the rainforest and a lot of the water on Earth. It didn't kill a lot of insects and made the climate hotter causing insects to multyply rapidly making people sick and kill them. Chuck Chuck was Thomas' best friend who hung out with him the most. Chuck was the youngest in the Glade and got there a month before Thomas. Teresa Teresa was the first girl in the Glade and was the last person to come. She can speak telepathically with Thomas. She triggered the end of the maze in which the Glade doors stay open all night and the Grievers can come into the maze. Thomas and Teresa helped create the maze in the beginning. Minho Minho is the leader of the runners who map the maze and try to find away out. He also helps discover the Griever hole that the Gladers escape from.Minho helps solve the code that shuts down the Grievers and open the door to the way out. not giving up : by James
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