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Monique Sedgwick

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Valley of the kings is located on the west bank of the Nile because the sun sets on the west bank and it is believed that Re, the sun god, is born on the east and journeys into the afterlife on the west. That would make sense because the people that were buried wanted to get to the afterlife.
It is located in Luxor which was known as Thebes which was the capitol of Egypt. The Valley of the kings By Monique Sedgwick In the valley of the kings, there are at least 63 tombs. There were some tombs discovered recently but we have yet to discover who they belonged to. There are probably a few more out there. The west bank of the valley of the kings Hatshepsut's mortuary temple Hatshepsut was the first female pharaoh ever to rule egypt. She is one of the most well known pharaoh's of all time. she dressed like a man in the traditional pharaoh's and even wore a fake beard to make everyone respect her. She was also a very powerful pharaoh as well as making trades with different parts of Africa, she also started a new dynasty. she set aside the tradition of building a pyramid with complex corridors and tunnels and instead, she had a tomb built for her, leading deep underground, laden with exquisite carvings along the walls. Hatshepsut had also built a massive mortuary temple along with many other things. hatshepsuts temple nowadays King tut R.I.P. King Tut King Tut's tomb was filled with... wheels... The outer layer of the sarcophagus And the innermost layer of the the coffin Treasures... Ornate carvings... that equals a lot of gold... Unfortunately, his reign was not to last, for the young pharaoh died at 18. And of course the ankh was laid over tutankhamun's heart as a protective charm, for there were many dangers in the afterlife. of course king tut had shabti...
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