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Computer Input and Output Devices 2nd - 3rd

2nd - 3rd grade levels - Identify Component Functions

NCA Tech

on 12 July 2012

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Transcript of Computer Input and Output Devices 2nd - 3rd

Computer input devices are components that pass data into a computer to process and provide the desired output. This can
be letters, numbers, images
or sound. Input and Output Devices Keyboard Joystick Some Common Input Devices Mouse Scanner Special Input Devices Touch Screen Webcam Midi Keyboard
(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Microphone Digital Camera Photo Card Computer output devices are the components that have been used to receive the output of processed data. The output could be a picture displayed on the screen, printed document or a song played. What are input devices? What are output devices? Let's learn about... Whiteboard Barcode Reader Output Devices Monitor Printer Projector Speaker Most Special and Important Input Device! YOU QUIZ TIME YOU are the most important input device! Computers will do what you tell them to do. Always use the gifts that God has given to you and do your very best! Are these input or output devices?
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