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Aaisha Bauer

No description

Mrs Feeney

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Aaisha Bauer

By:Aaisha Bauer
Pre. 4 Stock Market Project I picked this company because I like there clothes and i thought it would be interesting to learn about how this company was started. The Apple Company Abercrombie & Fitch Abercrombie is now in Tokyo. It was joined by one of there customers and established on June 4th 1892. The headquarters are in New albany Ohio.David T. Abercrombie started the company. I picked the Apple company Because i love there products. I think they have very interesting items and i wanted to learn more about this company. The Apple company just came out with a new electronic called the ipad, It made some of there stocks go down. on April 1st 2006 apple celebrated there 30th anniversary. The bite mark on the apple is beacause it is belived to be a mark of respect for alan turning, they made that there logo beacuse when alan killed him self he was holding a apple with a bite mark on it. Some advice for investing would be to record the stocks before you invest, so you will know how much the company makes, and also you should try to just find some more information about the company you are thinking about investing in. Abercrombie has gained alot of profit with there buisiness. There stocks went up alot more, then I would of expected. I would of thought Apple would of gained a bigger profit then Abercrombie. The Apple company has gained profit, but I would of thought since the ipad just came out it would of went up alot more in profit then it has. Abercrombie had more profit then the Apple company. Apple is a bigger buisiness then Abercrombie thats why it surprized me so much.. What I liked about this project was that I got to learn new things about companys that I like and that we didnt have to work on math problems all day we could just go and check our stocks. What I disliked about this project was that we had to make this prezi, I would of rather done a power point beacuse it has more efects and stuff you can do on it, and im used to power point, im very unfamiliar with prezi. Profit for Abercrombie was 3.053.68 Profit for Apple was 1.575.12
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