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Bovine Somatotropin

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aly john

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Bovine Somatotropin

Bovine Somatotropin Health & Safety Economics What is BST? Effects on Humans Molecular Biology Lengthened Calving Times The normal calving time, also called gestation period, for a cow is 12-13 months to grow a healthy calf. But with the use of bST, the calving time lengthens, which is good for milk production but dangerous for both the calf and it’s mother. Low Conception Rates The Dairy Herd Improvement Association has shown in their records that herds on bST with high milk production have low conception rates, meaning they have difficulty achieving pregnancy. This means less cows are birthinf their own calves to populate the herd, so new cows have to be baught. Calf Embryo Death In herds getting doses of bST this affects their ovaries, causing a high death rate of calf embryos. Mastitis Studies done on cattle receiving bST have been proved to get a breast infection called Mastitits. This requires removal of the breast tissue or whole utter, leaving the cow not being able to produce milk. Side Effects on Cattle According to the F.D.A., bST is safe for humans. When consumed, it is digested with no side effects. BST can be manufactured using recombinant dna technology The amino-acid sequence that produces bST is inserted into the bacterium's DNA. Once the E. coli has made copies of the bST amino acid sequence, they are separated and the rBST is purified. The rBST works by decreasing mammary cell death and increasing the efficiency of fat to energy conversion. Milk is produced with milk production at the lowest during the beginning of the cyle and end of the cycle. It peaks near the 70th day of production. rBST is injected into the dairy cow shortly before peak milk production. This allows the cow to produce the maximum amount of milk of the milk cycle. Canada allows the sale of dairy products made from milk produced by rBST-treated cows. bST is a naturally occurring hormone which is produced in the pituitary gland How can I be sure there aren’t any antibiotics in my milk?
Every load of milk must be tested for antibiotic
drugs before the dairy plant receives it. of the cow, which is in the brain, and is required for normal lactation. bST is also manufactured in a lab setting discussed in Molecular Biology. "The average amount of cows on a dairy farm in Canada is 70 milking cows. This produces 562 300 litres of milk/year." "The average amount of cows on a dairy farm in the U.S. is 105 milking cows." Regulations & Policies "In the USA genetically engineered BST has been in use since February 1994; in Vermont a law requiring milk containing BST to be labelled as such was passed in September 1995. In January 14, 1999, Canada announced a ban on BST. The reasons given for the ban included a 25% increase in the likelihood of mastitis in cows given BST; an 18% increase in infertility; and double the risk of becoming lame." (Farlex, Inc.)

"First policy control variable is the milk support price level, which may be changed anually in response to the effects of bST on a dairy farm." "Second policy control variable is a supply control program involving annual cow removals." Why is the Use of BST Controversial?
Some dairymen worry about
competition with dairy farms which may be using BST.
Economic pressures on the dairy industry
will continue regardless of the availability of BST. The significance of bST is to increase a
dairy cows milk production up to 40% Health Care Since the hormone can't force milk production, farmers
must provide additional food for cows on bST. "17.2% of dairy farms use bSTin the U.S." (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/dairyfarming What Canadian law doesn't say is that "no vet products containingbST are approved for sale in Canada." That was written in an email from Health Canada. Notice that it does not say anything about the use not being allowed, neither does any government document. Our Opinion We don't think the Bovine Somatotropin should be introduced into the Canadian dairy farm market. Even though studies show that it doesn't affect humans, studies also show an increase in mastitis and infertility, which is very harmful to the cow. "There are about 1.7 million dairy cows in Canada. The increased production resulting from bST will decrease the number of cows necessary to produce the national demand for milk."(Unniversity of Guelph)
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