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Academic Pressure:Too much to handle

No description

chirag bangera

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Academic Pressure:Too much to handle

Academic Pressure:Too much to handle
Academic Pressure may lead to severe health problems. There are factors that cause academic pressure on students. First are the expectations from our parents.
Some parents are at their children’s back daily pushing them to excel academically. Nothing less than As would please them. Parental pressures to pursue academic success have both positive and negative effects on their children.
Pressure for good grades often leads to high stress, cheating, !!!
The reason of choosing this topic
I chose this topic because we all are having the same problem and every student has this problem too. Besides, I thought this topic relates to our daily life.

A. What are the factors causing study pressure?

They have pressure because many schools require students get high marks in each subject.

A large degree of pressure on students from families.

The study pressure usually comes from too much homework.

The pressure also comes from examination, concerning about future and the high expectation from the parents.
Suggestions & Implication
We think that students should set a time table, set goals for themselves, give themselves more leisure time and communicate with teachers and parents.

Pressure to succeed can lead to academic dishonesty
It’s a competitive world, and unless you can invent a new wheel — or better yet, a new Facebook — the only way to stand out is through academics.
It’s like, ‘I’ll keep my integrity and fail this test’ — no. No one wants to fail a test,” one Stuyvesant senior said. “You could study for two hours and get an 80, or you could take a risk and get a 90.”
The pressure to be ever greater than those around you, to stand taller, swing harder and go bigger has reached a point of reversing its effectiveness.
We’re now trying so hard to be extreme go-getters that we’re losing our moral fiber along the way.
If you do what you enjoy, you shouldn’t have to lie and cheat to make yourself significant
According to surveys in the U.S News and World Report, 75% of college students admitted to cheating during high school, and of those people, 95% said that they were never caught. Unfortunately, the rise in cheating among high school students over the last decade is due to changes in the definition of “academic success.”

NEW FRIENDS- It is important to distinguish two separate groups of friends, new
friends in college and high school friends from home.

NEW LIFESTYLE- You are now living with other people on a floor and share
bathrooms with multiple peers and there are new priorities.

INDEPENDENCE- Your parents are no longer there to hold your hand, which means you
have to make your own choices about what you do at school
What are some solutions to these potential problems?
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