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Chapter 18 rizal report


Mekko Meko

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 18 rizal report

Chapter 18
Eduardo Boustead
With the Bousteads in Biarritz.
Rizal arrived in Biarritz at February 1891.
He was warmly welcome by Mr. Boustead because of his talents
and was treated with friendliness and hospitality.
Chapter 18
Biarritz Vacation and Romance with Nelly Boustead (1891)
As a family guest, he was treated with friendliness and hospitality by Mr. Boustead, Adelina, Nellie, and Aunt Isabel (Mrs. Boustead's sister).
French Riviera
The one month vacation in Biarritz worked
wonders of Rizal .
The scenic beaches filled with tourists, the refreshing
breezes of the Atlantic ocean made him forget the bitter
memories in Madrid.
Writing from Biarritz to Mariano Ponce on February 11, 1891 he said:

"I have put on much weight since I arrived here; my cheeks are no longer shrunken as before for the reason that I go to bed early and I have no cares´.
Romance with Nellie Boustead.

Rizal having lost Leonor, came to entertain considerable affection to Nellie, prettier and younger daughter of the Mr. Boustead.
He found Nellie to be a real Filipina, highly intelligent, vivacious in temperament and morally upright.
He told his friends about his love for Nelly except for Blumentritt, and his intention to propose to her.
Antonio Luna
who had previously loved and lost Nelly, encouraged Rizal to woo and marry her.
He wrote a letter to Rizal, saying good things about Nellie and congratulates him for being one of a kind to Nelly, encourage Rizal to woo and marry her.
Tomas Arejola
*Rizal's friend who told him, "See if Mademoiselle Boustead suits you, court her, and marry her, and we are here to applaud such a good act".
With encourage of his friends Rizal courted Nelly who, in turn, reciprocated his affection.
he refused to give up his Catholic faith and be a converted to protestant as Nelly demand
Unfortunately his marriage proposal failed for two reasons:
Nelly's mother did not like Rizal as a son-in-law.
Although they did not get married, they parted as good friends.
When Rizal left Europe, Nelly sent him farewell letters, saying:
"now that you are leaving I wish you a happy trip and marry you triumph in your undertakings, and above all, may the Lord look you down on you with favor and guide your way giving you much blessing, and may you learn to enjoy! My remembrance will accompany you also my prayers''
El Filibusterismo Finished in Biarritz.
On March 29, 1891, the eve of his departure from Biarritz to Paris he finished the manuscript of
El Filibusterismo, and wrote a letter to Blumentritt.
To Paris and Back to Brussels.
As he had written to Blumentritt, Rizal bade a farewell to his friendly Bousteads and his family on March 30, 1891 and proceed to Paris by a train and stayed on his friend Valentine Ventura
Valentine Ventura
Jose Ma. Basa
He was Rizal's friend whom he asked to advance
of the first class steamers ticket from Europe to Hongkong

Rizal bade farewell to the friendly Boustead family.
Rizal went to Paris on March 30, 1891 by train
He stayed at the house of Valentin Ventura
He wrote a letter to Jose Ma. Basa about planning to stay in Hong Kong and to practice his career; OPTHOMOLOGY, in there
April ,1891 went back to Brussels and happily received by his land ladies and his Belgian admirer; Petite Suzanne.

Retirement from the Propaganda Movement.
Rizal’s reasons why he want to retire.

To be independent and earn money by practicing his profession.
To avoid increasing attention from the enemy.
Want to help other young Filipino students by defraying his allowance and utilize it to them

On May 1, 1891, he notified the Propaganda authorities in Manila to cancel his monthly allowance and devote the money to some better cause, such as education of a young Filipino student in Europe.
Rizal stopped writing for La Solidaridad
Marcelo H. del Pilar
He realized that Rizal's collaboration
was essentials because the reform
was declining
with that, his help was very much needed because
Rizal is one of the main contributors in La Solidaridad
He wrote Rizal a letter telling him to put aside any of his resentments and continue their reforms and mission.
Rizal wrote Back to M.H del Pilar
and told him 3 reason:

1st He need time to work on his Book

2nd He wanted others Filipino to work as well

3rd He considered it very important to the party that there be unity in the work.

Revising the Fili for Publication
it was complete on May 30, 1891
it was more ardor than the Noli
Mariano Ponce
Reported by:
LaiLanie Tibay
Miko Maruyamauchi
BSCS A-31(eve)
Chapter Overview (Paris 1889-90)
He was a guest of the rich Boustead family at its winter residence: Villa Eliada
He Used to fence with the Boustead sisters at the studio of Juna Luna and to attend parties at the Boustead Parisian home.
It was in Biarritz where he had serious romance with Nellie and finished the last chapter of his second novel, El Filibusterismo.

Boustead Family and Rizal
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