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Completing LO4 for Unit 6: Critical Approaches

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Scott Hayden

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Completing LO4 for Unit 6: Critical Approaches

Completing LO4 Unit 6: Critical Approaches Part One Part Two Part Four Part Three Lesson Objectives (U6/M4+D4)

Upload your Individual Voiceover to SoundCloud and link to your Google+
Prepare and rehearse your Group Literal
Record the audio for your Group Literal
Edit your Group Literal Performance over a Video of your Genre

Double-check that all outstanding criteria has been met for Unit 6 using Boodle and 'extension' tasks on tumblr (if necessary) At this stage - here is what you should have... ACTIVITY

You have this session to plan/ rehearse/ record the audio for your Group Literal project

Use your phones and/ or the Mics provided

Unit 2: Communication (LO4)
Unit 6: Critical Approaches (L04) The purpose of dividing LO4 in to 4 parts was to give you plenty of opportunity to use Media Terminology and achieve a high grade.

So, in order to achieve the high grades you need to use the bcotmedia tumblr 'dictionary' tag I have built for you.

Goddamnit. In your Individual Voiceover you read the Genre Analysis Script and gained much of the Criteria for LO4.

The Group Literal is a chance to top up your Grade again.

It can be humorous e.g. making fun of the Genre Conventions and their Cliches

BUT you should also make the most of this opportunity to use Media Terminology as well. ACTIVITY

Once your Group Literal is complete and uploaded to youtube

Check with Scott/ the Tracking Grid that all 4 Assignments for Unit 6 have been completed Aim

To clarify and allow you a chance to achieve the remaining criteria for Unit 6: Critical Approaches LO4 Juxtaposition - the act of positioning close together (or side by side) for comparison or contrast. For this Assignment, if you use lots of Media Terminology - your Grade will be high ACTIVITY

Log on to my blog http://bcotmedia.tumblr.com
OR follow the link on Boodle

Make a note of all the terms you could use in your Group Literal ACTIVITY

Madan will be conducting COMMUNICATION VLOGS with you all in short 1-1's to discuss your Assignment

By recording it we can get even more evidence to top up both Unit 6 and Unit 2 Log on and enter Room no: 12527
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