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Job Search and career planning session 3

application forms

Jim Campbell

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Job Search and career planning session 3

Any Questions?
Sources of Information
Consider these answers in the seminar workbook
(page 8)

Are they effective answers?

Why? Why Not?
Some Example Answers:
Specific employer-focussed information
Careers motivation questions
Career motivation questions
Apply a pattern fill to text slides created with a grey background by changing the design template.
How to change design template:
Format menu > Slide Design… > Design Template
Choose the desired design and use the dropdown option to select Apply to Selected Slides.

Update the Presentation title and Date from the Header and Footer… option from the View menu.
What do you do well?

What activities energise you?

When do you feel that you are most like ‘yourself’?

When are you at your best?

How can you capitalise on your strengths more?
Your strengths?
Life After Competencies
You excel at what you do
High academic achievements are one thing. But demonstrating leadership and achievement away from your core studies – and simply getting involved – is just as important to us.

You show integrity
Our people know the difference between right and wrong and behave with a clear sense of accountability. To get on at Ernst & Young, you need to be as committed to doing the right thing as we are.

You behave with respect
It’s important you recognise and understand the value of different backgrounds and points of view, because those differences are key to our success.

You’re good in teams
You’ll be part of a team from the very first day you start work at Ernst & Young. So it’s vital you can listen, learn, share, develop and work effectively with other people – even if they’re different from you.

You have energy, enthusiasm and courage
We get excited about our work, our clients, and the amazing things we help them to do. We look for people who are naturally enthusiastic about new ideas and who can’t wait to see what the next day brings.
What employers look for: strengths
Outline an occasion when you were faced with conflicting priorities. What did you do and what was the result?

Describe a situation where you were successful in putting your ideas across.
Typical Questions 2
Apart from your academic career, what has been the biggest challenge in your life and how did you overcome it?

Describe a particularly difficult issue or complaint you have had to handle? How did you resolve it?
Typical Questions 1
Many, but not all, AF Questions are Competency Based Questions

Use the CAR (Context, Action, Result) Technique to Answer:

Application Forms

Can you organise the nine cut up A/F answer extracts
into 3 different answers?

For each answer, place the 3 extracts in the correct order

How has the candidate structured the answer?
Group Exercise
Self Assessment
Assessing your suitability regarding a job advert

Identifying what you can offer

Your evidence
Preparation 2
Employers’ Top 25 Attributes
Analyse the job
Identify skills and competencies

Job advert
Job description
Person specification
Company information e.g. website
Preparation 1
Application forms
Application forms
Application forms
Selection processes: where application forms fit
Why Use Application Forms?
Job Search and Career Planning Seminars for International Students
Read through all the questions first

Always obey the instructions

Save and check spelling, punctuation and grammar before submitting

Keep a copy – the interview will be based on the form

Practice on a photocopy or online first at
Points to Remember
Strengths based assessment
Consider example job advert in pairs

Which of the Top 25 attributes are the employers particularly looking for?

Are there any other attributes they are looking for?
What Are Employers Looking For?
Selection processes
Seminar 4: Application forms
This workshop will enable you:
to gain practice in identifying employer requirements
to understand how to produce effective application
forms that demonstrate through evidence your
suitability for the job
to gain practice in considering what you can offer
Why Use Application Forms?
Pre–selection tool using set criteria
Evidence based responses
Time effective for the employer
Employers’ Top 25 Attributes
1. Willingness to Learn
2. Commitment
3. Dependability
4. Self Motivation
5. Teamwork
6. Communications Skills (Oral)
7. Co-operation
8. Communications Skills (Written)
9. Drive/Energy
10. Self-Management
11. Desire to Achieve
12. Problem-Solving
13. Analytical Ability
14. Flexibility
15. Initiative
16. Can Summarise Key Issues
17. Logical Argument
18. Adaptability (Intellectual)
19. Numeracy
20. Adaptability (Organisational)
21. Commercial Awareness
22. Time Management
23. Self Confidence
24. Able to Influence Others
25. Creative Thinking
Role or Key Event
Tasks Involved
Skills Acquired or Developed
Careers motivation questions
Why this particular role?
fit with strengths?
fit with interests?
fit with values?
Why this particular employer?
company culture?
company performance?
Answering questions
Relevant and to the point – watch length!
Who will be reading your form?
Use formal language
Structure your responses
Use evidence to show you have the skills or achievements being asked for

Context - Set the scene
Action - Say what you did
Result - Include details the outcome of your actions

GU Careers Service Applications Proofreading Service
(e. careers@glasgow.ac.uk)

www.agcasscotland.org.uk/sorted - Making your work experience count
Employer research
Employer research: values
Employer research: social media presence
Employer research by video
Using third party information
Employer research: media search
I have a spelling checker
It came with my pea sea
It plainly marks for my revue
Miss steaks I cannot sea
As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee fore two late
And eye can put the error rite
No. I shall find it grate!

University of Glasgow Careers Network


Talk to us




Regularly copy your answers into your normal word processor to save them in case the system crashes;
Avoid filling in the form at the last minute because the organisation’s server could be overloaded and you may miss the deadline.

Just like all applications, your answers should be formal and targeted at the skills required.

Online applications are often less carefully completed than old-fashioned forms - do not fall into this trap.
Make sure your word-processor’s spell-check is set to assess English as it is written in the UK (not the USA).
Personally check your spelling and grammar.
Make sure you have comprehensively answered every part of every question.
Check you have stuck within the stated word (or character) limit.
Get someone else to check your answers, preferably a careers adviser.


Producing effective application forms
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