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Adding Fractions By Sarah Warner

Adding Fractions With Three Or More Numbers

sarah warner

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Adding Fractions By Sarah Warner

Adding and subtracting fractions hehe First Step: You need to find the common denominator for all the frations being added. Second Step: We can rename the frations. Third Step Be sure all frations that need
renamed have been renamed. Fourth Step: For example: 1 1/2+2 1/3+3 1/4=? Now the problem looks like this: 1 3/6+2 2/6+3 1/6=? Then add the whole numbers. 1+2+3=? The answer is 6! Make sure your answer is correct! Be sure torename any fraction that needs renamed! The dinominator is 6!!!! Next, we can begin adding the fractions. Fifth Step: Last step: Simplify any answers that need simplified. After you are finished be sure to go back and check any work that you did. If you have problems try going through the prezi presentation again.
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