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Create your own Country Project

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Sarah S.

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of Create your own Country Project

Create your own Country Project
By Sarah Skinner
The people of my country are multicultural.
The main religion is Christianity, but they are not forced to follow it. They can practice what they choose.
For dinner they normally eat home grown vegetables with rice and chicken meat.
For breakfast they usually eat
corn flats (like corn tortillas)
with honey and fruit on them.
For lunch they like to eat fruit with nutbutter.
My country has no army. It is very peaceful and does not go seeking for war. But it has a police department to make sure nobody commits crimes. Most food is home grown but there are markets where people can trade or buy food or goods.
One of my country's cultural traits is gardening; the people try to see who can grow the best produce. Another is surfing; the people hold huge contests to see who can catch the biggest wave.
My people dress very simply. Men wear board shorts with tee shirts and women wear sarongs or long skirts and tank tops.
My country uses market economy. I think market economy is more fair then command or traditional because if people work hard they get a more rewarding life.

I think using market will help the people strive to work harder.
My country uses a democratic model. I think democracy is a more fair choice because the decisions are based on the majority. I think that using this model will help the people feel more independent.
In my country there are no leaders but there are representatives and the people vote for twelve of them.
The representatives make the decisions based on the votes of the people.
The people hold the power in my country.
Freedom of speech and the freedom of religon are some of the rights in my country.
The government takes 5% of the
peoples harvest and they sell it
overseas for money.
My people gain citizenship by living in the country for 2 years and owning land.
When the people need to make a law or decide on somthing they vote on it then representitives tally the votes and what ever one has the most votes wins.
There are 12 towns; each town has 30+ members and each town has a representative. Having a small population would require a strong agricultural sector, will support a small business commerce, and probably some light manufacturing.
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