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How Is Math Used In the World Of Theater?

Learn how math is used in the world of theater.

Brittany Cooley

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of How Is Math Used In the World Of Theater?

By: Brittany Cooley How Math is used in Theater Math Theater They have invented a new way of showing math to kids.
Math theater is a way to teach the children a math lesson through acting.
You give them real world problems to go with the lesson they are learning and they have to act them out.
http://ethnoacademics.com/sample-ethno-math-script.html Building and Constructing Most of the time, when you think of theater and drama, you only think of acting, but behind the scenes, there is a lot more going on.
The sets that are on the stage are not magically put there. People have to build them.
The math in this can range in difficulty, from how much wood is needed to how much each thing must be cut and fitted to all fit onto the stage. The Money For the Theater When you are dealing with theater, you have to deal with the fact of money and seating.
In this you can use exponential functions.
Lets say a theater seats 300,000 people.
They have a decay of 0.5
How much money will they make by week 5?
300,000(1-0.5) to the fifth power.
Then you can just solve the equasion.
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