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Hero's Journey to Kill a Mockingbird

No description

Serena Patel

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey to Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird
Hero's Journey Scout receives her call to adventure immediately after her father takes on the case. Guide/Mentor/Companion
For Scout, Atticus and Jem represent her mentors. They give her advice throughout to book on different situations that influence completing her journey.
They help Scout comprehend the case and the different perspectives present during the trial.

No Talisman present
Initiation/Road of Trials
Scout faces bullying from people that go to her school. They call Scout and her family derogatory statements since Atticus took on the Tom Robinson case.
Scout has to overcome her temper and come to accept other peoples opinions.
Atticus faces groups of people trying to beat him up for taking the case.

Brother Battle
Scout battles her cousin Francis when he made rude comments to Scout. She tried to fight back her temper but at the end it got the best of her. Francis is only considered close since he is family Characters:
Scout: hero
Jem: Scout's brother
Atticus: father of Scout and Jem
Calpurnia: maid like helper
George Ewell: sues Tom Robinson
Tom Robinson: accussed of raping Mayella Ewell.
Mayella Ewell: George Ewell daughter Information The Call to Adventure The Hero Scout and Atticus Atticus takes on his call to adventure when the state assigns him a case involving a rape Atticus accepts the case because he was assigned it and also because the case involves everything he believes in. Marks departure for Scout.
Therefore, Scout immediately accepts the call along with the cruel judgements from society. Scout has to open up to the cruel society around her and leave the innocent world she has thought she has seen.
Not a physical journey! Crossing the Threshold
Scout leaves her familiar world and enters a new one after viewing the trial of Thomas Robinson
Robinson losing the trial opened up Scout to the true society around her rather than the perfect image she had before of Maycomb
She now sees the unfair society that she lives in.
The whole family faces crossing the threshold due to the unapproving society.
The society around the family does not like that Atticus accepted the Tom Robinson case. Atticus is not use to people criticizing what he does and the cases he takes until this one. Threshold Society
Everyone in the community except for family.
Give the family a hard time.
Ewell tries to kill Scout and Jem which would end their jouney/life. The Temptress
The society itself tempts Atticus to get off of the trial and to take on another case.

Meeting with the Goddess
Scout seeing Boo Radley

No Abductions

Night or Sea Journey
Journey takes place in Maycomb

Dragon Battle
Scout vs. Ewell
Scout vs. Society
Atticus vs. Ewell
Atticus vs. Society Ritual Death or Dismemberment
Scout thinks that her brother is dead after George Ewell attacked him.
Her brother does not die but injures his head.

Sacred Marriage
Scout, Atticus, and Jem all have a sacred bond with each other.

Atticus explains to Scout why he took the case with Tom Robinson and explained the emotions behind the decisions. It was a major moment for them two and it helped their bond and Scouts journey as a hero. Entering the Belly of the Whale
Scout fears loosing her brother at the end of the story.

Ultimate Boon/Magic Elixir
Scouts temper.
Scout learns to accept the society around her which completes her journey in the book.
Atticus tries to disprove the claims against Tom by confusing the witnesses.

Crossing the Return Threshold
Scout continued her journey without looking back. She moved forward with the things that she learned and the advice given to her. At the end of the story we see her come back to her original self to aid her brother while also in shock of the attack that occurred.
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